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  • hints - report all hints, warnings and errors. (same as if not present)
  • warnings - report all warnings and errors, but not hints
  • errors - report all errors, but not warnings and hints

Best Practices

note: this parameter is not presently supported

There are a few contraints in the specification that are warnings but marked as 'best practice'. These are typically rules that the committees believe that should be followed, but cannot be due to legacy data constraints. by specifying the The parameter -best-practice , controls how these will be treated as errors not warnings. This parameter has no valueare treated:

 java -jar validator_cli.jar [src] -bast-practice warning

Possible values:

  • hint - report best-practice invariants as hints
  • warning - report best-practice invariants as warnings (default value)
  • error -  report best-practice invariants as errors
  • ignore - don't report best practice invariants at all

Language / Display

note: these parameters re not presently supported