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  • Matthew Graham

  • Igor Yuabov

  • Hans Anderson
  • Gora Datta
  • John Ritter
  • Paul Petronelli


  • Provide update on September WGM in Baltimore
  • Provide Project Updates
  • Address New Business items

Discussion items

30 minutesSeptember WGM UpdateGora Datta, Nathan Botts, Matt Graham
  • Now using Confluence for MH Minutes
  • Well Attended WGM and MH
  • Tuesday Q1 EHR Joint meeting - cMHAFF Update
  • Solicit more participation from EHR WG
    • Discussed options with John Ritter as to how to best engage EHR WG.
  • CHOP Discussion and Feedback - Igor Yuabov
    • Reported on the conference to leadership
    • Need better executive summary
    • Difference between Consumer/ Clinical mApps
    • Need to have detailed discussion on implementation and tracking
      • cMHAFF is FM+, Constraints plus Implementation Guidance.
      • Develop and define mLabel concept.
      • FDA has an interest in mLabel and cMHAFF
      • ONC also has interest
      • Co-chairs need to communicate cMHAFF Roadmap - next steps.
  • MH WG did provide comment on ONC Interoperability Standards
  • Corridor Updates - Gora Datta
    • Cambiah Health has interest in cMHAFF
    • this is an organisation to MH Consumer standards.
  • Clinician on FHIR workshop, tools for learning FHIR ConMan - Gora Datta
  • School Health Systems Advancements - John Ritter
    • Working with National Association School Nurses
    • List of ingredients for School Health and has FERPA privacy
  • Great to meet everyone in person WGM - Hans Anderson
    • Interesting to sit in on other WG meeting and focus groups
15 minutes Project Updates Nathan Botts, Gora Datta
 No Updates
10 minutesNew Business
  • Co-Chair need to assemble and publish slides
  • Paul and Gora are part of project to create an IEEE standard for exchanging analytics across secure and un-secure networks.
    • Mitre is taking the lead on this development
  • ISO is meeting October 21 in Italy
  • ONC is meeting end of November

Action items

  •  Co-chair need to circle back with moving cMHAFF content into the EA tooling