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Discussion items

1:46SNOMED on FHIRRob Hausam

SNOMED on FHIR is a group formed jointly between SNOMED International and HL7 and it intends to provide guidance on how to use SNOMED CT in FHIR. In particular terminology to use SNOMED CT in FHIR - the correct way to specify and define the value set, and also SNOMED terminology services.

There are also pages for using LOINC and other code systems in FHIR but there is concern that this is not delivering consistent ourcomes when code system lists are instantiated.

Ted Klein add discussion on SNOMED+on+FHIR page to the next teleconference call

2:02Ballot reconcilliation FHIR 18685Rob Hausam

VSD 11 - value set status must be active if expansion is present and compose is absent. Discussion following discussion with Grahame

Rob McClure moved that :

1: remove VSD 11,

2: Keep the name of ValueSet.status as it is,

3: Change the definition of ValueSet.status to clarify that

a) valueSet status applies only to the value.set.definition (ValueSet.compose)

b) value set expansions are always considered to be stateless (has no status)

4: add 'Value set expansions are always considered to be stateless' to the Comment for ValueSet.expansion. Explain what 'stateless' means in this regard.

Seconded Jim Case.

Pursuasive with mod

Vote: Against 0, Abstain 0, For 10


2:29Ballot reconcilliation 18461Rob Hausam

Pursuasive with Mod: Solution to 18685 resolves this question.

Jim Case moved to accept that this be fixed in reballot by 18685. Seconded Rob Hausam

Vote: Against 0, Abstain 0, For 10


2:32Ballot reconcilliation 18151Rob Hausam

When you make a compose, you state the description to be used for that concept in the context of that value set.

At least one of the display strings in the display text of the expansion must be the one published by the code system publisher. This supports uer display flexibility. Display is 0:1 but designation is 0:*

Two classes of textual representation of the concept, one is the perferred display for user interfaces, the other designations are for human understanding of the concpet as well as the formal label provided by the author of the code system

The implications of this need further discussion tomorrow morning at FHIR I Q1.

2:52Ballot reconcilliation VSDRob McClure

Rob M moved that we submit the VSD ballot for recirculation in order to resolve the 1 remaining negative that cannot be resolved due to the submitter being absent and unable to be contacted. This will be submitted to TSC tomorrow at noon.

Vote: Against 0, Abstain 0, For 10



Action items

  •   Ted Klein add discussion on SNOMED+on+FHIR page to the next teleconference call
  •  Robert Hausam to add 18685 and 18151 to the FHIR I meeting tomorrow.