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 (not meeting)


 (not meeting)


 Joint O&O, CQI, and CDS. Also, Mega-Report-out at the same time


Welcome and Agenda Review, CIMI Overview

Tuesday10/2AMQ1 Joint with Patient Care, EC, LHS
  • POC Wound - addressing ballot comments


 Constell-ation CD

  • Review Sunday meeting
    • Consider simplifying the Topic/Context pattern
    • Consider adopting the FHIR datatypes
  • Create an action plan
 StanGalen 318

LunchLunch with FHIR:
  • CIMI recommendations to questions concerning major FHIR resources
    • Diagnostic Report vs Observations? Make from scratch from Composition?
    • When do you create a profile vs. when do you need a new resource?
  • Does FHIR want CIMI to help solve the profile explosion problem?

 Galen  318
PMQ4 Joint with Patient Care, O&O, Vocab
  • (negation, podiatry functional profile)
(PC)   Constell-ation AB
Wednesday10/3AMQ1 Joint with CQI, CDS
  • The use of CIMI models in Clinical Quality Measures and Clinical Decision Support
  • status updates, alignment with QDM and CIMI coverage of VMR content
 (CQI)   Constell-ation E
AMQ2  Joint with CIC
  • Relationship between CIC and CIIC, and CIMI's role in both. Specific CIIC projects that might be of interest to CIC
  • CIC/CIMI Cardiology Model Collaboration
  • Project VANGUARD (care of central lines) - ecqms
 (CIC)   Constell-ation D

Meet with CIC (?)

  • Consider the relationship of the groups considering external events
  • Status of the Cancer Interoperability project, and next steps (how do we best collaborate/coordinate on this?)
  • (meet with CIC?)
  • Next steps for integrating the CIC common Data Elements into CIMI models
  • How to support DE->FHIR project
PMQ4 Joint with CDS, CQI
  • The use of CIMI models in Clinical Decision Support
  • Configuration of Knowledge modules using Plan Definition written against CIMI
 (CDS)   Constell-ation E
Thursday10/4AMQ1 Ballot Review GalenRichard 317
AMQ2 Ballot Review GalenRichard 317
PMQ3 Joint

Joint with Vocabulary, CGIT

  • Value Set Expansion and Binding to Terminologies
  • Coordinating SOLOR refsets with Value Sets (especially VSAC)What does Vocabulary want?
  • VSD - comments from CIMI
  • Collaboration between product families (e.g., wound type, vital sign qualifiers, etc.)
  • Find a better time to meet next WGM
 (Vocab)   Constell-ation D

Joint with O&O

  • Discuss models of joint concern: Lab; Vital Signs etc



Friday10/5AMQ1 (not meeting)   
AMQ2 (not meeting)    
PMQ3  (not meeting)   
PMQ4  (not meeting)