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The Financial Management Group Meets every Tuesday at 11am ET.

Join using / 098894

Reviewed: 2023-02-07


The mission of the Financial Management Work Group (FM) is to provide HL7 artifacts to support:

  • The costing, financial transactions and billing which occur within a healthcare practitioner/provider organization
  • The eligibility, enrollment, authorizations, claims and payments, and contractual arrangements, which occur between and among healthcare providers, insurers, and patients
  • Reporting and notification between insurers, payers, subscribers, beneficiaries, and guarantors.

2017 Work Group Health All-Star AwardThis WG earned a WG Healthiest Star rating in each of the three trimesters measured in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.


FM will produce normative standards for financial event messages and content models.  Will work closely with appropriate Work Groups to coordinate and consolidate references to financial instruments in all HL7 artifacts. FM will monitor complementary financial and administrative information interchange standards other than HL7, and attempt to harmonize message content and vocabularies where possible.

Artifacts may include concepts such as:

  • Administration support
  • Contracting
  • Self-pay
  • Billing
  • Claims
  • Explanation of Benefits
  • Payment
  • Reporting

Work Products and Contributions to HL7 Processes

FM collaborates with Patient Administration (PA) and Payer/Provider Information Exchange (PIE) for cross-domain initiatives.

FM will develop specifications using the appropriate product family methodologies.

Formal Relationships With Other HL7 Groups

Formal relationships with other Work Groups include:

  • PA 
  • PIE
  • Structured Documents
  • Vocabulary

Formal Relationships with Groups Outside of HL7


The HL7 FM Work Group collaborates with other organizations under the existing HL7 SOUs:

  • ADA
  • AHA
  • AMA
  • CAQH
  • WEDI

The committee will coordinate informally with members of other SDOs, such as X12, in the absence of a formal relationship.


Mary Kay McDaniel
Phone: USA +1 602-300-4246
Term ends December 31, 2023

 Paul Knapp
Knapp Consulting Inc.
Phone: CAN +1 604-987-3313
Term ends December 31, 2024

Celine Lefebvre 

American Medical Association
Phone: USA +1 312-464-2418
Term ends December 31, 2023

 Andrew Stechishin
CANA Software & Services Ltd.
Phone: CAN +1 780-903-0885
Term ends December 31, 2023

Chris Cioffi
Elevance Health
Phone: USA +1 301-752-6698

Term ends December 31, 2024

Jeff Brown

Lantana Consulting Group

Term ends December 20232024

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