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A Joint Venture of  HL7 and IHE to Advance Use of FHIR for Interoperability

What is Project Gemini?

Project Gemini is a joint initiative of HL7 and IHE to advance interoperability. The goal is to identify and pursue pilot projects that focus the people, resources and processes of both organizations to accelerate the implementation of FHIR to address high value use cases. Pilot project activities may include coordinated development, testing and demonstration of standards specifications, including FHIR Resources and Implementation Guides and IHE Profiles.

Gemini Steering Committee Members

Jürgen Brandstätter, IHE

Christopher Carr, IHE

Didi Davis, IHE

Ed Hammond, HL7

Wayne Kubick HL7

Space contributors

Wayne Kubick 

Christopher Carr

The Gemini Steering Committee has identified the following areas of collaboration to accelerate the implementation of FHIR to address critical interoperability use cases:

  • Pilot Implementation Projects
    • Imaging for Cancer Care - The Medical Imaging for Cancer Care (MICC) project demonstrates the benefits of making diagnostic results available as discrete data elements, enabling more thorough and consistent documentation, and better informed diagnoses and care decisions, as well as providing consistent data for outcomes analysis and clinical research. Read the brief project prospectus here
    • Computable Care Guidelines - watch a brief video presentation about this project.
  • Testing and Tools - IHE and HL7 are exploring collaboration to implement a spectrum of testing tools and processes.
  • Implementation Guide Publishing - IHE and HL7 are collaborating on the use of a shared set of online FHIR-based IG publishing resources.
  • Alignment of existing FHIR IGs and IHE Profiles:
    • Structured Data Capture
    • Patient Matching

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