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HL7 FHIR Accelerator Press Release


Da Vinci is a private sector initiative that addresses the needs of the Value Based Care Community by leveraging the HL7 FHIR platform.  Learn more.

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REMINDER: HL7 Early Ballot Voting Closes July 22nd and September Ballot Sign-Up Closes August 8th 

Press Releases

New! Join us for the monthly public Community Roundtable.

  • Fourth Wednesday of the month from 4 - 5:30 p.m. EST 
  • October 28th Community Roundtable:  

Da Vinci Project: Quarterly Update

Cedar Sinai and Anthem: Notifications and Quality Measures 

Select your tracks and register now for HL7's Virtual FHIR Connectathon

  • September 9 - 11, featuring three days of hands-on FHIR development and testing. 
  • Implementers and developers can gain hands-on experience developing FHIR-based solutions.
  • Review event details and register now!  Early Bird Registration is available until Friday, Aug. 21.

Deadline Reminder: Sign up for the 2021 January Ballot Cycle by October 19th 

HL7 testimony submission to NCVHS CAQH CORE Interoperability Hearings on Prior Authorization

NCVHS Testimony.HL7.Signed.3Sep20 (1).docx

ONC/CMS Rules Updates

Da Vinci is seeking answers to open questions and clarifications needed on the implementation and operational needs of the upcoming CMS Patient Directed API Rules. Find initial questions and corresponding answers shared from our colleagues at CMS: 

CMS Question and Answer

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6 - Not Yet Submitted

Project Resources


Press Releases

Blog Posts

Publishing about Da Vinci PLEASE include @hl7 and #davinciproject

Da Vinci Mentions

Submit Da Vinci Story for PMO Review


  1. Use Cases
  1. Data Exchange for Quality Measures (DEQM)
  2. Coverage Requirements Discovery (CRD)
  3. Documentation Templates and Payer Rules (DTR)
  4. Health Record Exchange
    1. Health Record Exchange Framework (HRex)
    2. Clinical Data Exchange (CDex)
    3. Payer Data Exchange (PDex)
  5. Prior Authorization Support
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    pageDa Vinci Use Cases

2. HL7 Processes 

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Presentations & Status
Latest Overview

Latest Project Update

HIMSS19 Booth Panel 

Da Vinci HIMSS19 Update

Da Vinci HIMSS Interoperability Showcase Vignette

Da Vinci Progress Update 11-2018.pdf:

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Da Vinci Operating Committee Members

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