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Templates are the best way to create agendas, minutes, attendance logs, PSS's and more.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click on the create ellipsis in the top middle of the screen

     Create ellipsis 

  2. Select the template or blueprint you want to use or Show more to see more, then press Create:

  3. For the example, we will be using the HL7 Specification Withdrawal Template
      1. Note the 3 icons at the top of the page. The first allows you to define where you would like the page to live if it is somewhere other than where you are currently creating it. The second is a label tag to add labels to the page you're creating. The last is the restrictions icon. Info on all of these can be found in other places of this HL7 Documentation and Help Space to include webinars. 

    1. The TITLE of the page will be blank - use a meaningful title

    2. You will see number of items in Grey: These are 'help' text.  Click on them to replace them with the described text.
    3. When you click on a date control it will expand into a calendar:

    4. User information may be entered by using the at sign (@) and selecting the user from the list.
    5. Press Preview to see the document as it will be stored: NOTE - in preview all of the help text is no longer displayed.
    6. If the document is ready, press Publish.
    7. If not, press edit to return to editing. 
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