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Comment: updated page to provide overview, rather than notes from 2018

Meeting 2018-06-19

Attendees: Christi Denny, Julie Evans, Uli Wagner, Wendy verHoef, Aruna Vatikola, Julia Chan

1 Tracker Items

Julie E give an overview of how the FHIR tracker works.  The filtered list for BR&R items can be found here.  

To gain access to create new items 


·         Go to FHIR -> Tracker -> FHIR Change Request

·         Set up your own account to access the tracker

·         Priority is set by the submitter


Julie will add the outstanding items to the tracker this week.

2 Connectathon Plans

The Baltimore Connectathon tracks are described on the HL7 site here

In Baltimore people will focus on tracks as follows:

Christi - LAB track

Aruna - Demographics

Lorraine - Adverse event

3 Resource development

·         Christi stated that she has a developer working on code for the Connectathon and he may be able to help with FHIR resource changes.  Julie stated that she could serve as a contact if the developer has questions.

·         Information is on the FHIR wiki for the FHIR Build Process and How to create resources

·         We can create profiles and extensions; for Observation, we would most likely create a Clinical Research profile that contains the additional fields we need.

·         The developer could create profiles and extensions to the existing resources, keep the owners of the resources in the loop

·         Download the tools -> change the local copy -> get approval from the FHIR authority -> profiles/extensions are published

·         There is a latest working copy vs. the published copy

4 Next Meeting



To address the challenge of communicating across varying standards, the BR&R team partnered with TransCelerate clinical research sponsor organizations to understand the various standards for recording and submitting laboratory data. Through this partnership, mappings were developed between the FHIR standard that is emerging in research, and the CDISC standards currently being used.  The work was documented in an implementation guide. 

The current version of the implementation guide, which was included in the September 2019 ballot process, is located at: