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2023-08-30 - Meeting Agenda

Ballot Schedule

September 2023 Ballot Cycle
August 4th -           Ballot voting opens
September 4th -     Ballot voting closes

January 2024 Ballot Cycle
May 28, 2023             Submit Work Group Approved PSS to the PMO
August 12, 2023        TSC Approval of the PSS
November 12, 2023  NIB Deadline (6 weeks prior to ballot opening)

CRMI ballot results

Question: Can prefetch support "observations in the last 10 days" as opposed to "most recent 10 observations"?


CDS Hooks Prefetch Discussion (Status of Github changes)

PR with proposed changes:

Specifically addressing:

The draft proposed PR adds significant flexibility to the syntax of prefetch.

Discussion of a specific clinical use-case which requires retrieving all Observations from the last 10 days. This use-case isn't satisfied by the current draft proposal (we're pretty sure). 

For example, the subset of FHIRPath named "Simple FHIRPath" –Fhirpath - FHIR v5.0.0 ( – explicitly lists the allowed functions, thereby not permitting .today() or .now().

Plan to talk through this topic during: Mon Q4 in FHIR-I (joint CDS), or Tues Q2

CDS Webinar

ONC CDS Webinar SeriesWednesday September 27, 2023, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm ET The Future of Clinical Decision Support

This session will cover topics important to the future of clinical decision support. The session will begin with education sessions on CDS Hooks, SMART apps, and CDS Connect. Then, speakers will discuss patient-centered CDS, focusing on the work of AHRQ’s Clinical Decision Support Innovation Collaborative. The session will close with a discussion on ways to incorporate CDS into new topic areas such as social determinants of health, cancer screening, and other areas.

We'll cancel the conflicting CDS WG call on Sept 27th to enable the workgroup to attend this webinar.

USCDI / US Core design sessions at WGM update from Floyd – 

Argo looks at draft USCDI, starting in May. USCDI generally publishes in July, then Argonaut begins designing. 

  • at which point CGP begins having more teleconference calls. 

Generally, CGP is likely to have US Core design meetings every Wed afternoon of each WGM. 

  • May WGM - US Core author team performs early analysis and info gathering to provide early feedback to ONC.
  • Sept WGM - Wed Q3 is less controversial, Wed Q4 will contain the more controversial topics. 

Review of CDS Hooks ballot feedback

List of all balloted issues: 


Feedback appears limited to hooks!

Goal: Work with Bas next week and resolve his in-person's, and the most difficult issues.

Call for CQL User Stories - both success and failures

Contact Ben Hamlin (NCQA)

Ben will be at the OMOP on FHIR track over the weekend, and at the CQI/CQL sessions all WGM.


Next agenda

  • 10/25 - Reevaluate Zulip Stream
  •  Cancel CDS WG call on Sept 13th for WGM
  •  Cancel CDS WG call on Sept 27 for ONC webinar

 Adjourned at 11:47p