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Current SOA/BPM+ Connectathon represents an opportunoity opportunity to trial some implementations e.g. service request, request orchestration etc.


Discussion on scope and mission - minor revision to SWOT

Name change discussion.: Suggestion -  Orchestration, Services and Architecture (OSA) - a minor change in terms of abbreviation but a major change in emphasis

Motion: "To rename the workgroup from SOA to OSA - Orchestration, Services, And Architecture"

Proposed KR, Seconded PL

Vote: 6/0/0

Discussed need to revise mission statement and scope to reflect this - to be done post WGM

MELD sandbox demonstration - CDS Hooks and extended hook definition capability. Data and patient manager. FHIR App registration and launch by Smart on FHIR, ability to download base standard and profiles e.g. US Core


Presentation of the VA Interoperability Blueprint 

New pages have been created. Core areas on interoperability may be excellent content for the HSRA revision

Minutes Approved as Presented