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Any Other Business

  • USCDI - Shelly Spiro / Hans Buitendijk
    • Quick review of USCDI V4 - adding Medication Instructions and Adherence - already looked at before.
    • Possible to add more from the Level 2 medication list
    • question is which, if any, of the Level 2 terms be added to V4.  discussed
      • Negation Reason - probably good to include
      • Medication Administration - 
      • need more info, 
    • discuss USCDI during call today - dedicate about 30 minutes for the discussion. ( Scott reached out to Hans for overview - awaiting his response)  also invite Margaret (for NCPDP side).  send note to list
      • Hans present.  extended discussion on what USCDI is, what the current (v4) goal is, how are terms defined.
        • USCDI is a set of data elements which are required for the certification of HIT systems.  currently that means that all HIT systems must be able to support all USCDI elements, even those that do not pertain to specific scenarios.  for example, Lab systems may not care about past procedures or medication instructions, but certification to USCDI would require lab systems support that information (e.g., store if received, send if present).  Comments have been submitted to the regulatory process to provide flexibility to not require all USCDI elements for all systems.
      • Medication Instructions - information to patient or care giver on how to take the medication (dose, interval, etc.).  added in v4.  Note this will initially just be a text string, but in the future should/could be fully encoded.  Maps to MedicationRequest.dosageInstruction.text (FHIR US Core v5) and MedicationDispense..dosageInstruction.text (FHIR US Core v5).
      • Medication Administration - record of mediation administrated to the patient.  mostly for inpatient and clinic-administered meds.  unlikely to be available for retail prescriptions.  group is intereste in promoting to include in v4
      • Quantity - the number of (doses) in a dispense.  As opposed to the number of dosage units in each administration.  (smr - I know we discussed this but I can't find it in USCDI).  
  • Email from Floyd - pharmacy SIG questions