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Agenda Outline

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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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Review workstreams

CRMI IG Roadmap

2023 May Cycle

NIB: 2/19
THO Publication: 2/26
FHIR Freeze: 3/3
Connectathon Proposals: 3/7
Reconciliation Deadline: 3/12
Content Freeze: 3/14
CDS WG Review: 3/15 
FMG Approval Deadline: 3/22
Final Content: 3/26
Ballot Voting: March 31 - May 1

Review IG 

Agree the content is ready for QA review to CDS ahead of a for comment ballot submission.

Punchlist items:

  • Composite artifact conformance, generalize the discussion and point to eCQM Conformance as an example
  • Updated diagrams
  • QA throughout

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