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1Welcome and Quorum

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2023-03-23 HSSWG Agenda/Minutes

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Projects and Relevant Topics

Review and vote on sponsorship for


  • Reviewing project for new attendees
  • Reviewed PSS
    • Questions/Concerns regarding coordination and awareness of similar initiatives in and out of HL7
    • Questions raised on use of the term Social Determinants and should a different term be used
  • Discussed need to vote to sponsor prior to vote to approve PSS
  • Vote for HSS sponsor project
    • Approved Jess/Jacob 9-0-1
  • Lost Ken Lord
    • Vote PSS on a later call

Presentation on the ONC SDOH Technical Integration Framework

In support of advancing social determinants of health-related (SDOH) terminology and data standards, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) with support from contractor, EMI Advisors, is developing a Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Technical Integration Framework.

The SDOH Technical Integration Framework will support developers and implementers of social care technical systems by providing step-by-step guidance for successful project execution, management, and communications. EMI will present a high-level overview of the draft framework outline at the HL7 HSS WG meeting on April 13th with a request to submit your written feedback on the SDOH Framework to Sara Behal ( by April 20th. Please label specific (sub)steps your feedback corresponds to.

In preparation, please review a comprehensive version of the draft framework outline attached. A more concise version of this outline will be shared during the meeting. This presentation is an early draft framework outline and should not be distributed.

ONC Presentation

  • Brief overview
  • Forward questions
    • Feedback by April 20
  • Not for wide distribution yet
Slides will be posted
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