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Bas': FHIR-37120 - additional calls continuing

From: Martin, Eric <>
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2023 4:54 PM
To: Isaac Vetter <>
Subject: JIRA Tickets that I Have Reviewed

External Mail. Careful of links / attachments. Submit Helpdesk if unsure.

with recommendations:

JIRAs that should be noted as resolved:


30210 (Triaged/Unresolved): '-' allowed to be present

36908 (Submitted/Unresolved): Normative/Informative stuff that has been addressed by Section 2 and 3 being normative and the rest informative

JIRAs that should now be moved to "Triaged" (at least)


36790 (Submitted/Unresolved): DxReport-update example - Eric to review current text and update if necessary (comment already entered)

36791 (Submitted/Unresolved): Anchor context information be updated - Eric to review current text and update if necessary (comment already entered)

36792 (Submitted/Unresolved): DR-select no selecting DR - Comment entered recommend Not persuasive with no modification

36793 (Submitted/Unresolved): Addressed other than close - comment entered, need to decide if close events should have all context resources

36841 (Submitted/Unresolved): Multi-tab after close of current - speaks also to the question of Kinson on close (comment already entered)

36890 (Submitted/Unresolved): GetCurrentContext is not required - it is noted as optional, several implementations depend on the operation (comment entered)

36892 (Submitted/Unresolved): Context establishment versus Content sharing made more explicit - comment entered

36903 (Submitted/Unresolved): History link broken - comment entered

36910 (Submitted/Unresolved): Persistent pre-existing across systems - comment entered

36912 (Submitted/Unresolved): Relationship to FHIR Messaging - comment entered

JIRAs that require action should also be set to "Triaged"


36725 (Triaged/Unresolved): Resource profiles - Eric to Redo Previous PR390 as needed (Bas already added several) includes context resources

36768 (Submitted/Unresolved): Bundle only single entry for a given resource - Eric to review current wording and adjust if needed

36851 (Submitted/Unresolved): specify id must always be present - may be handled with the PUT comment but should be sure and also deal with in 36725

36895 (Submitted/Unresolved): multiple extensions - who can address this to get it to triaged?

36911 (Submitted/Unresolved): create *-update with content provided by reference - Eric to do so

JIRAs that are already closed or should be closed?


30211 (Triaged/Persuasive with Modification): Channel column on subscription

36076 (Triaged/Retracted): Name of keys

36082 (Waiting for Input/Not Persuasive with Modification): Key names and resource references

36731 (Triaged/Persuasive with Modification): MS

36904 (Submitted/Unresolved): CI build stuff

36909 (Submitted/Unresolved): Improve glossary definitions - PR#475 created




    • Applications mustn't receive information for which they are not authorized. It's incumbent upon the Hub to enforce authorization. 
      • For example, a subscriber without authorization to access Observation resources, shouldn't receive Observations as part of a DxReport-update event.
      • This is interestingly mitigated because FHIRcast's typical use-case is that the same user is using the various apps. 


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