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  • - in good shape.  a number of things require input/work from other groups.  remaining items items are minor 

Status state diagram review 

  • John reviewed the mapping between Med dispense status and BDP dispense status.  Suggestion was to send this to the list serve for input. 
    • review of mapping document.  
      • "ready for pickup" (in pharmacy) compares to "allocated" in BDP.
        • BDP "allocated" description is "ready for transport"   
      • "returned" - we don't have it, do we need it (returned after picked up).  usually these are wasted ... but can be reused in some cases. 
        • as opposed to "return to stock," which was "ready for pickup" and not received by patient.
      • pharmacy "completed" - BDP says "issued"
      • pharmacy "stopped" ("failed") - BDP uses "unfulfilled".
      • pharmacy "declined" ("not-done) - maybe BDP "returned" ("abandoned")
    • - Need status update? 
      • John's working on it

Timing questions (Jose)


  • - Need status update - have all items below been completed? 

Any Other Business

  • USCDI - Shelly Spiro
    • Quick review of USCDI V4 - adding Medication Instructions and Adherence
    • Possible to add more from the Level 2 medication list
    • question is which, if any, of the Level 2 terms be added to V4.  discussed
      • Negation Reason - probably good to include
      • Medication Administration - 
      • need more info, 
    • book time next week for further discussion, invite Hans (for HITAC).  also invite Margaret (for NCPDP side).  send note to list. -Scott
  • Email from Floyd - pharmacy SIG questions
  •  IHE work items (Jose) - - any updates needed to the items below?  Can they be removed from Agenda?  
    • IHE Pharmacy met - a couple of work items
      • produce profiles for prescription in FHIR - these would be IHE profiles
    • Unicom - identification of medications cross borders
      • querying of product based information
      • use of product information - either medication knowledge or medication definition
    • Medication Overview - medication lists in IHE