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2023-03-08 - Meeting Agenda


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) invites you to attend the Cooking with Clinical Quality Language (CQL), Quality Data Model (QDM), and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) webinar. The webinar series provides an interactive environment for measure developers. The upcoming sessions will feature open discussion from subject matter experts and will show examples on how to express eCQMs using CQL and FHIR as well as how QDM concepts can be represented using FHIR resources and take questions from the audience.

The next webinar will take place on Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 4:00 pm ET.

Please download the calendar invite here.

Ballot Schedule

May 2023 Ballot Cycle
February 19, 2023    NIB Deadline (6 weeks prior to ballot opening)

2023 May Cycle

NIB: 2/19
THO Publication: 2/26
FHIR Freeze: 3/3
Connectathon Proposals: 3/7
Reconciliation Deadline: 3/12
Content Freeze: 3/14
Final Content: 3/26
Ballot Voting: March 31 - May 1

September 2023 Ballot Cycle
February 5, 2023        Submit Work Group Approved PSS to the PMO
April 8, 2023          TSC Approval of the PSS
June 25, 2023                     NIB Deadline (6 weeks prior to ballot opening)

January 2024 Ballot Cycle
May 28, 2023            Submit Work Group Approved PSS to the PMO
TBD                     TSC Approval of the PSS
TBD                     NIB Deadline (6 weeks prior to ballot opening)

DTR delayed.

Begin QA review for CRMI IG

Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure:

  • comment ballot in May, with the plan for an STU ballot in Sept.
  • Contains generalized profiles and other artifacts to model the "content development lifecycle for knowledge artifacts"
  •  Bryn to also send CRMI IG to CDS listserv, as well as seek typical HL7 ballot requirements

STU Expiration for CDS Hooks (3/16/23) Need an STU Extension Request or do we let this expire?

STU Expiration for Patient View Hook (6/15/23) Need an STU Extension Request

Withdrawal of vMR CDS Templates

What does it mean to get an STU extension request for a previous publication?

  • In the HL7 standards grid, the HL7 project matrix. 
  • Would we ever make changes directly to STU1, that we wouldn't make to STU2? No, we don't think so. 
  • We'll let STU1 CDS Hooks expire. 

STU Expiration for Patietn View Hooks

  • We believe that we can't take a hook normative until the underlying base spec is normative.
  • We do need an STU Extension for Patient-View Hook.
  •  Isaac: to request STU extension, once Bryn finds the form for Isaac

VMR templates

  • Motion: Withdraw vMR CDS Templates
  • Juliet K Rubini / Greg White: 16-0-0

MethodologyThe tickets FHIR-28681, FHIR-37501 and FHIR-36319 have been discussed and agreed upon during the Baltimore meeting. During that meeting we agreed to add Links to Suggestions. That change is reflected in pull request
Although I had the impression we agreed and voted on the change the confluence and Jira record do not reflect this.

CDS Hooks discussion: 

  1. [FHIR-36319] enable the auto-launch of an app from a card to reduce clicks - Jira ( is applied via: auto-launch link capability by isaacvetter · Pull Request #630 · cds-hooks/docs (
  2. [FHIR-37501] CDS should define Task profiles for launching applications - Jira ( - applied via modification to SMART spec to include profile on Task, and same resolution as above to auto-launch in CDS Hooks
    1. Motion: Ben Hamlin / Vadim Peretokin: 16-0-0
  3. [FHIR-28681] Links are also Suggestions - Jira ( and open PR: [FHIR-28681] Links are also Suggestions - Jira (
    1. Discussion:
      1. Howard - should the deferred part be a separate tracker? 
      2. Ben: Deferred seems to open a can of worms, that isn't necessary to resolve the initial jira.
      3. Bryn: could a CDS Client defer a card, without there being a deferrable element in the CDS Hooks response?
      4. Let's create a second ticket and defer ((wink)) to additional discussion

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 Adjourned at: 11:34 a Central US

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