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MethodologyV2.9.1 ballot reconciliation / GH ballot

V2-25412 / V2-25417




  • The meaning of PID-8 is not being changed for existing integrations
    • Frank proposed providing guidance on not using PID-8 any further (perhaps as far as deprecating it and creating a "sex for administrative room assignment" field in PV1
  • New trading partners should be clear on the meaning of PID-8 or use the new segments for clarity or if multiple concepts need to be conveyed
  • We updated the proposed disposition but no motion to pass it was made
    • Need to return to this issue on a future call

Harmonization Chapter 2C to THO content
  • At the last WGM, we agreed that there is a single source of truth for v2 vocab
    • We currently have two apparently versions - Chapter 2C and THO
    • We agreed to attempt to harmonize these two
      • Did not include any explicit goal of them being "perfect", just in sync
      • Ideally, they will be in sync by the time v2.9.1 is published
  • Michael has done a comparison of the two
    • There are differences
    • Some need SME input
  • What is the path forward?
    • If 2C changes are needed, where is that done? In the database or in the Word document by hand?
  • Michael proposals that we correct what is in 2C now and then work with TSMG to get the content of 2C in THO


V2 Presentation for TSC Update webinar set for these choices:

4/11 - 4/13 - 4/25 - 4/27 - which do we want?

Who will draft? - Craig (Amit to assist)

Who will present? - TBD

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 Adjourned at 10:02AM EDT

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