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Time: 3:30pm ET

Attendees (13)

ASTRORandi Kudner

Sam Dawes
TelligenBecky Metzger

Sharon Labbate

Jessica Pugh
ASCOStephanie Jones

Caitlin Drumheller

Yvette Apura
eviCoreDennis Blair

Anthony DiDonato

Rob Dingwell

Sharon Sebastian

Action items

  •  Anthony → send new (1) CodeX Quality Measures – Terminology Meeting and (2) CodeX Quality Measures - Full Member Meeting (done)
    •  Zoom link + passcode are now included in each invite
  •  Becky M → send new NCQA contact list to Anthony to include in the CodeX QM Outreach spreadsheet
  •  Anthony → formalize Use Case Development Guidelines and share document with CodeX QM Full Member team for one complete pass-through (before a formal submission to CodeX OC and SC members)
  •  Sharon S and Randi → consider submitting a new JIRA ticket to mCODE IG stating that there is strong support and interest in modeling systemic therapy in mCODE
    •  Then the mCODE TRG team would review the JIRA ticket and discuss whether it should be modeled in future work


  1. CodeX RTTD team is modeling the Simulation concept

(3) A JIRA ticket r/t constraining the value set associated with .medication[x] to only systemic therapies. It will be considered during ballot reconciliation for mCODE STU3.

Planned Agenda Topics

  1. Update meeting invite to our HL7 CodeX QM account
  2. Interest to present at upcoming CodeX CoP? QM use case updates, movement in federal quality measure models (EOM, etc.), cross-over between QM and other use case work, etc. 
  3. Review the updated Use Case Guidelines criteria: Quality Measures - Use Case Development Guidelines Checklist
  4. Continue VA radiation therapy measures discussions:
    1. Confirm with the team to move forward with modeling the "28 days to therapy" VA measure (RT focus, not systemic)
    2. Discuss additional 1-2 of the VA measures (filtering on “medium” priority measures that won't require mCODE modeling)
      1. this will require discussion during 3/15 call to decide on another VA measure(s) (in addition to 28 days)
    3. ASTRO to bring existing, radiation-specific eCQM(s) to the 3/15 meeting for review
  5. Review updated Outreach Spreadsheet (attached)