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PBS Metrics Office Hours is a chance for Co-Chairs and Project Leaders to meet with the PBS Metrics Team to address any questions/concerns regarding projects, ballots, standards, PBS Metrics reports, Work Group Health, an artifact approaching expiration, etc.

Use the form below to schedule some time to meet with the PBS Metrics Team (Dave Hamill, Lynn Laakso and Anne Wizauer).

Currently we're offering 1:30pm-2pm ET on most Thursdays as our Standard Office Hours, however these may change as this program evolves. 

Note that you can also request that the team attend your Work Group call; just provide the time that your Work Group meets in the Discussion Topics text box below.

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Meeting Requests

Please note:  if you would like to sort this list, hover your cursor over a column header:  Name, Organization, etc.  Click on this header to sort alphabetically A-Z (click again to sort Z-A).  PBS Metrics Team Members can edit the entries on this table.

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C-CDA Implementer Discussion Topicdiscussiontopictruetrue


dhamill, anne, lynn_laakso

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OfficeHourDatesOffice Hour Datesfalse[99=Have PBS Metrics Team attend our Work Group call|2023-05=2023-05-25 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-06=2023-06-01 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-06-08 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-06-08 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-06-15 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-06-15 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-06-29 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-06-29 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-07-13 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-07-13 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-07-20 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-07-20 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-07-27 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-07-27 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-08-03 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-08-03 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-08-10 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-08-10 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-08-17 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-08-17 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-08-31 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-08-31 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-09-21 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-09-21 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-09-28 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-09-28 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-10-05 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-10-05 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-10-12 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-10-12 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-10-19 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-10-19 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-10-26 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-10-26 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-11-02 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-11-02 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-11-16 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-11-16 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-11-30 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-11-30 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-12-07 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-12-07 @ 1:30pm ET|2023-12-14 @ 1:30pm ET=2023-12-14 @ 1:30pm ET|]label;falseselect

OfficeHourDates:[empty]Please make sure to fill out all fields.Validation ruleOfficeHourDates

discussiontopicDiscussion Topicsfalse[1 =Federal/State/Local Agency| 2 =Health Information Exchange (HIE)/Health Information Organization (HIO)| 3 =Health IT Vendor (EHR, EMR, PHR, HIE)| 4 =Health Professional (DO, MD, DDS, RN, Tech, etc.)| 5 =Healthcare Payer/Purchaser or Payer Contractor| 6 =Licensing/Certification Organization| 7 =Provider Organization (institution/clinically based)| 8 =Research Organization| 9 =Standards Organization| 10 =Service Provider (community-based)| 11 =Service Provider Professional (community-based)| 12 =Other System IT Vendor (Community-Based IT Vendor or Other)| 13 =Other| 14 =Unknown|]This is the topic for the presentationtextarea

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