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DAR v2.6 IG publication approval - request


  • Build off EDHI IG – referred to Diagnostic Audiology after initial fail – results from the follow up testing to PH
  • National WG provided the content expertise for the follow diagnostics
  • Was created in IGAMT
  • Compared to quality Criteria document
    • Dark green = verified criteria
    • Light green = hard to verify unless you are reading in extreme detail and have domain knowledge
    • Missing explicit statement about support for XML – so only use ER7 format
      • We may want to create a boilerplate statement folks can insert into their IG?
      • Or should we just make ER7 the default and not require that – if we want to go there, then we need to update the quality criteria document?
      • This is expected for NEW IGs, not backwards to all existing ones
      • If we don’t update the quality criteria document, we can create the boilerplate verbiage
      • Craig to create jira ticket to provide support for this criterium
    • Examples show restarted numbering of OBX for each new ORC/OBR, but no explicit statement
      • We should also create a boilerplate statement, particularly since there are inconsistencies across the use of Set-IDs in the base standard
      • It is too late to impose consistency in the base – (Nick f=did analysis around all Ste IDs in this jira (, but that is why we wanted the explicit statements
      • It may be helpful to add this as a question in the tooling to make the IG authors that use IGAMT will get prompted for that – this may be applicable to some other criteria
      • Request IG authors to make an explicit statement about restarting the Set-ID and what number to start with.
      • Craig to create an Jira ticket to develop boilerplate text
        • Jira
    • Best practice: they did not reuse datatype flavors – this may have not been available in the IGAMT they used – the datatype flavor ballot is not published yet, so not really official
    • Valueset using OIDs and include use – missing from this – best practice and matching old EDHI IG – let’s leave that alone
  • This IG was written before our quality criteria were even balloted

Next Step:

  • Craig will work with Ellen to make those changes, then send to Lynn (after the April ballot opening)

Motion to approve the publication request pending the addition of the text around XML and Set-ID handling – Riki Merrick, Rob Snelick, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 5


US Immunization Guide r1.6 PSS


  • PH WG approved project
  • In 2014 AIRA and CDC co-published IG as non-HL7 balloted, but it is what MU cites and is implemented in every PH jurisdiction
    • Errata to the MU called out IG are the starting point for this IG project (referred to as consolidated IG (unofficially called R1.5)
  • There was an V2.8.2 IG balloted through HL7, still STU – that guide was never adopted – plan is to let the STU period expire and retire this standard
    • While this was never adopted, but several of the best practices described in this
  • CDC sponsoring this next version (they call it R1.6) – HL7 balloted update to the existing guide with clarification and additional guidance created by AIRA
  • First HL7 publication is STU, but the next version should go to normative, since it has substantial implementation already
  • External Content Review – is joint copyright from CDC and AIRA desired? – not expected to be a problem, but they are looking into it
  • The naming convention rules have been updated recently– but the outcome may not be R1.6 as desired – they will not want to have a “younger number”, so we may have to be creatigve within the rules (maybe 2.0 would work)

Motion to approve PSS – Rob Snelick, Amit Popat, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 5


Gender Harmony block vote

see below for list as sent to list on 2/27/2023

Requested Pulls:

V2-25412 and it's duplicate V2-25417

marked as strike-through in the table

  • Theses are items we have already reviewed and sent to the GH group for their review, now there are here for final vote – these are mostly items for editors / or principal decision (those were the pulls) that have no other WG owner
  • No other pulls
Motion to approve Block Vote Riki Merrick, Amit Popat, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 
MethodologyGender Harmony ticket review

In preparation for the call next week, since Riki won't be on:

  • We have short-term guidance to send SOGI data for patients – we have already discussed.
    • Do we approve use of OBX after PID only for SOGI, or allow to add Pronouns
    • Not to be used for more complex concepts, since that has more attributes like document context and validity period:
      • Recorded Sex or Gender
      • Not for SPCU – since that needs to have the context of the order – that is already covered under AOE use (OBX under OBR), so cannot specifically restrict that
  • We will check with Cooper, if FHIR supports a “default” SPCU at the patient level (without clinical context)

MethodologyHarmonization Chapter 2C to THO content

ManagementNext agenda

 Adjourned at 4:00 PM Eastern