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Paul goes first. [FHIR-39545] Hubs should be agnostic towards events they pass - Jira (

Timeboxed to 10 minutes: End by 9:17a Central


  • loadPriors - load and hang the specified study as a prior in an existing CAM.
    • Eric: Imagingstudy-update could support this. 
  • getMeasurements - get all the measurements for specified study/series. 
    • GetCurrentContext would return measurements if they've been contributed to the session via an update. 
    • otherwise FHIR server
  • showMessage - Show a message dialog with provided information.
  • copySelectedViewportContentToClipboard - Requests the application to copy the content of the selected viewport to clipboard.

MethodologyPRs: Pull requests · HL7/fhircast-docs (

Bas': FHIR-37120 - additional calls continuing

Prepped jiras:

Finish on next call: [FHIR-36082] event key names and including resource references - Jira (

  • "legacy events deviate from ... "


    • Applications mustn't receive information for which they are not authorized. It's incumbent upon the Hub to enforce authorization. 
      • For example, a subscriber without authorization to access Observation resources, shouldn't receive Observations as part of a DxReport-update event.
      • This is interestingly mitigated because FHIRcast's typical use-case is that the same user is using the various apps. 

Outstanding jiras:

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  • Fyi - Isaac's outage
  • Gino's PR
  • SubIGs strategy:
    • The FHIRcast spec is the "base spec" and we will instruct/encourage the creation of use-case specific subIGs
      • IHE creates the collaborative report creation via content sharing IG
      • We need to create the simple "SMART app gets context sync" use-case IG
    • What guidance to give for when to create a subIG?
      • subIGs have FHIR profiles, base doesn't?
    • Could we put FHIRcast into base FHIR?
      • base FHIR is updated less frequently (iav: really, is that actually true?)
      • Perhaps R6 is the last big update?

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