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Date: March 14th, 2023

Time: 4pm ET

Attendees (





ASCOStephanie Jones

Caitlin Drumheller

Yvette Apura
EvernorthDr. Vik Shah

Dr. Mary Kay Barton

Becky Metzger

Sharon Labbate

Jessica Pugh
MITREAnthony DiDonato

Rob Dingwell
CentanniParkDoug Williams


  1. Review the Antiemetic Quality Measure test cases and scenarios table with the full QM team
    1. Consolidate all team feedback/comments and distill for our 3/14 discussions
    2. Discuss these test cases and scenarios at the 3/14 Quality Measures Terminology call

Discussion Notes



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name3.14.23 QM Terminology Meeting.mp4

  1.  Reviewed the Antiemetic Quality Measure test cases - Sharon Labbate, Telligen led the discussion
    2. Telligen added Patients S, T, U - High and Moderate Risks type of neoplasms that the measure would highlight
    3. Included measurement year and applicable drugs (chemo/treatment) for the particular neoplasm
      1. And then calculated high and moderate antiemetic risks for the quality measure
    4. Yvette/ASCO provided clinical feedback - Sharon updated based on the feedback
      1. Combination of treatments - and timing (ie same day) - which affect risk
  2. Telligen has enough use cases now to compute the Quality Measures
    1. For the next meeting, Telligen will report back on findings, questions
    2. Have test patient use cases from 2018 up to 2023 for review
  3. Quality Measure General Meeting - tomorrow, March 15, 2023 - 3:30EST
    1. Will review Quality Measures Use Case Development Guidelines Checklist - please update before the meeting
    3. Will move to Zoom - Anthony will send out an updated meeting invite (move away from Teams)