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Chris Shawn (Co-Chair)

Michelle Zancan (Co-Chair)
Courtney Baldridge (Co-Chair)
Mohammad Jafari (Co-Chair)VA
Brian Handspicker (Co-Chair)
Ken SalyardsHHS/ACF
Joanna ThurstonHHS/ACF

Brian Handspicker

Jessica BanksGoldbelt
Jasmine StewartGoldbeltTeresa Gerard
Sal RanaGoldbelt
Greg BloomJacob Bennett
Sean MuirJajuan Wright
Himali Saitwal
Michelle Zancan
Scott Selby

Kristine McCoy

Samia Warsame

Karen Bertodatti

Ken Lord
Llew Brown

Rita Torkzadeh


Eric Jahn

Amol Vyas

Guests and Members:

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Decisions / Actions

1Welcome and Quorum

Quorum = 2 co-chairs and 2 guests

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2Agenda Review


Minutes Approval

2023-02-16 HSSWG Agenda/Minutes

(Approve by general consent)



Social Determinants of Health Information Exchange Toolkit

Teresa Gerard: Slide

Teresa provided a review.

Projects and Relevant Topics

Missouri eLTSS implementation report-out -- Sheetal Shah and Karen Bertodatti

  • Brief background/ context
    • IDD population and Missouri's Department of Mental Health
    • eLTSS work in 2020-2022 through the ONC LEAP Grant
  • Overview of the current eLTSS implementation work
    • eLTSS Use Case and personas
    • Scope of implementation in Missouri
    • Value proposition/benefits of the implementation
    • Projected timeline and next steps
  • eLTSS IG updates
  • Q&A
Sheetal presented.

Ken Lord provided an update on the Person-Centric Project. An update to the project proposal is being prepared.
6Next Meeting
  • Any agenda items WG members want to add?

Next HSS WG public call: March 16, 2023

Meeting Adjourned: X4:XX 00 pm ET


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