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Agenda Outline

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Agenda Item


  • Announcements
  • Upcoming Meeting Schedule (Quorum is 6 attendees + 1 co-chair)
    • TSMG calls are weekly now 3:30p (EASTERN)
    • Potential for alternating times aiming to accommodate more members.  With an additional time - perhaps the membership can attend at least one of the two regular meeting times. 
      • RD will reach out to the TSMG members that could not attend re:  potential additional  / alternating meeting times
  • New TSMG members should self-assign to subcommittees
    • Ioana will join the Education / Outreach subcommittee
    • Will touch base with John 
  • UTG/THO subcommittee call (90 mins alternating w Vocab WG main call) 
    • Need someone to run the call for a couple months 
    • MF: can Marc take this role?
      • same quorum rules would apply, if voting
      • JB will reach out to Marc 
  • THO versioning call
    • Need to reschedule (usually met during this time slot)
    • A call for a new slot will will be circulated
  • Action Items from last week
    • ALL TSMG members need to review the comments. on Terminology Expectations for IG Developers Policy and be prepared to discuss today
TSMG Standing Subcommittee Updates

PSS Approval

 Influenza Hospitalization Surveillance Network (FluSurv-NET) on FHIR


 HL7 Terminology / Unified Terminology Governance (THO/UTG)As neededJB/RM/CC
  HL7 Terminology / Unified Terminology Governance (THO/UTG)10RD/JB
  • Technical correction for THO due to corrupt R3 package
    • Grahame confirmed we do not need the technical correction urgently (as initially suspected) and it can wait until next freeze/release scheduled for 2/12
    • Need publication request for next release (and to determine major/minor)
  • Determine if V2 can have some vocabulary outside of THO
    • There are examples/user defined tables that have been added to THO
    • Proposed Motion (pending quorum): The TSMG will propose a means of identifying and tagging HL7 Value Sets and Code Systems in THO whose sole intended purpose is to be used as examples.
  • Duplicate CS/VS across FHIR core and THO
  • Duplicate URLs in THO
    • Duplicate URLs in THO for CVX: vs.
    • Suggestion to confer with HTA to see what information from the retired page needs to be ported to the active page
      • Work complete via
        and ready for review/vote
    • Marc suggested we may not need to implement this based on discussion at WGM for an IG Publisher request to have duplicate OIDs be a warning if one of the entries is retired
    • JB: please vote when quorum established on the UP ticket & submit this as a proforma change (before the freeze on 2/12)
  • Recommendation from Vocab to TSMG on handling of THO OIDs
  • Review fix for 'All HL7 Code Systems' tab
    • Jira
    • Options are to break down by product family or maintain two separate manifests (more work and more prone to error), more details in ticket comment
    • Discussion included adding the following comment to the ticket: 
      • Discussion in TSMG meeting 13Dec22 included a suggestion to define a THO category extension that could be used to drive categorization of these pages within THO, reducing the need to manually maintain manifest lists for each product family, etc.  This could be enabled through a custom xslt template.  This would be a good solution conferring a reduction of work for THO maintenance. 
    • Decision on this topic requires a vote.  Quorum not established but discussion was fruitful
  • UTG/THO Subcommittee recommendation about adding release tracking information to THO

Parking lot and work in progress

  • Workflow for THO releases (moving content approved in ballot to THO AND how to handle missed THO deadline)
    • Requires discussion - priority item to resolve
    • This is a key component of the IG Developer tutorial
    • This item is blocked without the expectations for IG developers policy being developed.
    • 8Nov22 TSMG meeting: deferred
  • Versioning policy for UTG/THO
    • Finished proposal for HL7 Code System elements
    • There are a few higher level considerations before moving over to Value Sets
    • Progressing to finish HL7 Value Sets and moving to External Identifier System Metadata Records
HL7 Terminology Authority (HTA)

    • No Quorum 1Feb23.  Next meeting on Wed 11 January 3-4pm EASTERN US.  
      • 211LA main topic
Outreach & Education

  • Alignment of Value Sets across product families - with Lisa Nelson
  • Develop standard curriculum requirements for 3 workshops:
    • Intro to FHIR Terminology
    • Advanced FHIR terminology
    • Terminology for IG Developers
  • Write-ups for dissemination (to be developed)
    • Accessing CDCREC Value Set
    • Using ICD-11 on FHIR
    • Terminology Expectations for IG Developers (component of workshop above)
    • Workflow for change proposal will be changing - another topic
  • OMOP + FHIR Collaboration/ Vulcan FHIR to OMOP project
      • Ongoing
Technical Steering Committee (TSC) matters10RM
  • RM: The TSC will be asking for presentation(s) in the next quarterly call.  The TSMG may be up next for this presentation. Need to determine the outcome of this expectation.  Should be the Terminology Expectation for IG developers policy
Parking Lot 

  • Terminology Server (Implementation Requirement)
    • Follow-up from WGM - next steps re: terminology server (service) requirements (1-page description)
  • UTG / THO Subcommittee work in progress
    • Vocab WG follow-up: Policy Requiring Identification of Stewards for HL7 (Internal) Code Systems