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Agenda Outline

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Review Project Planning 

Oracle reviewed: Allergies, Problems(cond and dx), ReqMeds, Procedures, and Immunizations. Ready for Jay's final review.

Taskforce meeting series, John is presenting 

C-CDA <> FHIR mapping will share “reconciled” examples with the CDA examples task force for review and feedback.

Examples to be discussed include (see specific content here:

  • patient
  • allergy
  • immunization
  • problem


2Subgroups Roundup

Structural and vocabulary mapping group (PAMPI+) status

Allergy gaps review with Russ.

Jay- "immunizations "1/2 done.

Mapping-reviewed PAMPI value-sets

"Task Force'-first meeting went well.

Chun's team- working on the prep work for the upcoming connecthaton. 

Medication request  resource discussion:

Option 1: Using "order" seems indefensibly specific. Using "plan" may also seem indefensibly specific, but for US Core guidance.

US Core requires all meds be reported in MedicationRequest, including those more accurately reported as MedicationStatements. In those cases, US Core stipulates using intent = "plan" as a default value.

CF map:

The FC map just says “not supported.”

Option 2: Cerner/Oracle.

This resource covers all types of orders for medications for a patient. Our implementation is based on "order" representing a request or a demand for authorization for action and is more in tune with an order being placed. 

Option 3. Dan -use both 



Ballot discussion in FMG on November 2

Ballot as a new IG or with the previous IG - reference the FMG discussion on November 2 initiated by Structured Documents co-chairs. Jean Duteau, CGP chair, was also present.

FMG Discussion 2022-11-02 FMG Agenda/Minutes (Summarized by John D'Amore)

Github repository

Not discussed 



Model selection topics: Provenance and Allergy.

Floyd will reach out to Gay and the team. Explore ONC funding. Considering canonical concepts for the model. No updates (01/30)


Provenance Domain Definitions 

Definition of Author


Not discussed 

Qualitative and Quantitative scoring


Deloitte team ( Taima Gomez, Steve Powell, Nahom Endashaw)

Artifacts sources review. Gaps classification, minimum elements, and clinical validations. (DSS driver )The team has shared resources and thoughts. The initial scope has been identified - provenance and Allergies.

HL7 SD and FHIR Connectathons 

Connectathon information January 2023

Connectathon information 2023 - 01 Connectathon 32Not discussed 

track report out:

Widget Connector

8HL7 Working Group

Not discussed

Not discussed 

9Balloting Preparation

The decision process for using ConceptMap

Antler (condition syntax tool for running languages) vs fhirpath - why both.

Stating spec (e.g., cardinality) in map vs. linking – reader convenience?  cardinality is included in the maps when you have required on one side 

[IG Shorthand links broken but in git]

Relations between fsh, json, & html

> Map pages have two sections; is one from csv & one from ConceptMap?

> FSH has fewer entries than the table (which has blank rows).

Who is using this and for what purpose? Any feedback? 

An antler style has been preferred. Concept maps play an important role in the V2-FHIR project as they help to address similarities and differences between FHIR 5 and FHIR 4 concepts i.e., role codes or participation codes, or other attributes. Also, specs like cardinality and optionality fields are important to include on both sides of the map as they are maybe different for FHIR and V2.

The most updated maps:

Google Drive Live Link
FMG. building maps is still a challenge 

Potential CDC collaboration. 

Not discussed 





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