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Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws. HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their enforcement. Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust Policy as stated in §05.01 of the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM)

Project Proposals and PSS ReviewJean reviewed the project proposal - no home as yet. Push-back is about "person" versus "patient" centric. Does not seems to be a CGP focus project.
Variance Requests

No Variance requests for review

Military History

Status Update

CCDA to FHIR Mapping 

Status Update

FHIR IG & CDA Supplemental Guide for Medical Record Reviews

Status Update

International Patient Access IGStatus Updatenone
US Core

Patch Request:  FHIR-39518 - Fix provenance-1 APPLIED

Update on Ballot Progress

Block vote: Key: Summary (Reporter) Resolution

  1. FHIR-40124: Add to the code systems chart (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive
  2. FHIR-40122: DocumentReference.eventCode should be min=1 (vassil) Persuasive
  3. FHIR-40083: us core observation categorization requirements unclear (karlnaden) Considered - Question answered
  4. FHIR-40072: Reword a Quick Start example (charles_ye) Persuasive
  5. FHIR-40048: RelatedPerson profile text contains Observation content (nradov) Persuasive
  6. FHIR-39864: Missing MedicationAdministration profile (minigrrl) Not Persuasive
  7. FHIR-39860: Adjust USCDI Mapping references to Patient Profile (hbuitendijk) Persuasive
  8. FHIR-39859: Add USCDI Mapping references for Disability Status and Mental/Cognitive Status (hbuitendijk) Persuasive
  9. FHIR-39858: Adjust USCDI Mapping references to DiagnosticReport Profile (hbuitendijk) Persuasive
  10. FHIR-39857: Adjust USCDI Mapping references to MedicationRequest Profile (hbuitendijk) Persuasive
  11. FHIR-39856: Reference only reasone for using MedicationDispense (hbuitendijk) Persuasive
  12. FHIR-39714: CapabilityStatement should include unprofiled required resources (bvdh) Persuasive
  13. FHIR-39712: POST based searches (bvdh) Not Persuasive with Modification
  14. FHIR-39711: Refer to FHIR specification as base definition for RESTfull operations (bvdh) Persuasive
  15. FHIR-39710: Add reference to FHIR section on language support (bvdh) Persuasive with Modification
  16. FHIR-39704: Where are the US Core Profile FHIR Restful transactions defined? (bvdh) Persuasive
  17. FHIR-39703: Language on profile use could be improved (bvdh) Persuasive

Block vote 2 for next week Is here ( will send to list and email commenters ):

US Core V6 Block Vote 1  - Pulled for individual discussion:

  1. FHIR-40122: DocumentReference.eventCode should be min=1 (vassil) Persuasive
  2. FHIR-40072: Reword a Quick Start example (charles_ye) Persuasive

Motion to approve the remaining 15 items in the block:

EricHaas/Floyd Eisenberg 17-0-0

Individual discussion:

FHIR-40072: Reword a Quick Start example (charles_ye) Persuasive

Motion: to change as proposed by Yunwei Wang: EricHaas/Rob McClure: 17-0-0

FHIR-40122: DocumentReference.eventCode should be min=1 (vassil) Persuasive - Discussion rejected the proposed resolution.

Motion: Cooper Thompson/Yunwei Wang: 17-0-0

Discussion: Block vote 2 for next week Is here (will send to list and email commenters):

Block 2 (and subsequent blocks will be grouped by topic area) - for block vote 2, Pregnancy Status/Intent, MedicationDispense/MedicationRequest, Miscellany.  Eric and team will reach out to those with in-person requests to attempt resolution prior to the CGP vote. (Block vote 3 will address ODH). The goal is to provide sufficient notification to those with person requests such that they have the opportunity to review and comment before the block votes.

New tracker discussion:

FHIR-33080 (Cooper Thompson) - per


    • Brett, In 3.1.1 and 4.0.0, it is "period.end".
      In 5.0.1 and 6.0.0 it is "use=old and period.end if known"
    • Cooper: Either the US Core IG Profile “StructureDefinition-us-core-patient” element “name.period” or “name.use” is required for testing and certification in the ONC Certification Program to meet the USCDI requirement to support the “Patient Demographics” Data Class: “Previous Name” Data Element.
    • Eric: I notice that address.period is MS is this aligned with our guidance as a USCDI requirement?
    • Cooper:

Eric will update resolution based on the discussion for review next week - to fi in version 6 and to create patch for 3.1.1, 4.1.1, and 5.0.1

Questionnaire/QuestionnaireResponse - discussion about adding back QuestionnaireResponse. For further discussion.

Cooper Thompson: I think the psychometric instrument analysts might run into missed expectations regardless of whether instrument data is represented as a QuestionnaireResponse or Observation.

CGP continues to meet on the Second and Fourth Thursdays, US Core ballot reconciliation on alternate Thursdays

See schedule to left.

Adjourned at 2:02 pm

Parking Lot Items



International Patient AccessConsideration of a variance process for future CGP review and approval.