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5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval Erin HoltThe 3-16 meeting minutes were approved as posted.
15 minGo to ballot approval for ODH DAM Shirley Burton

The Occupational Data for Health Domain Analysis Model was reviewed.  It will be balloted For Comment ballot in the May  2023 cycle. 

Motion to approve the DAM to go to ballot:  Shirley Burton/Craig Newman 30-0-0

10 min

BFDR FHIR IG Update Jira tickets (Sarah) - 10 mins:

    1. FHIR-40613 - Make optional on Composition - Provider Live Birth Report and Composition - Provider Fetal Death Report 
    2. -  Split Split Observations with value sets containing a mix of Conditions, Observations, and Procedures into separate profiles for each code. 
Sarah Gaunt

FHIR-40613 Motion to approve as persuasive  Sarah Gaunt/Cindy Bush 28-0-1

FHIR-40582 40680 Motion to approve as persuasive  Sarah Gaunt/Craig Newman 28-0-0