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5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval 

Cancer Jira tickets to close Sean Porter
  • 94 tickets were open from the migration to Jira
  • The comments were resolved through the erratas
  • This spreadsheet maps the comment with the errata fix
  • Motion to accept the list of resolved comments:  Sean Porter/Laura Rappleye 22-0-2
  • Craig will work with Sean offline to get the Jira tickets closed.

Syndromic Surveillance Krystal Collier
  • Provided guidance on moving the IG to STU
    • There are 3 comments that need to be resolved
    • Need to decide on a disposition, work with the commenter
    • Send out to listserv and come back to the work group for a vote
    • Complete a publication request, review with work group, vote, send to headquarters

FluSurv-NET IG ProposalBecky Angeles
  • The IG proposal will be balloted in September
  • It will need to be approved by FMG
  • Would like access to GitHub before the June proposal due date
  • Going to see if this is possible

HAI LTC CDA & FHIR IG update publication requests 

Action items