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  1. The WG reviewed the status of its administrative documents.  All documents are up to date:   

    1. Document

      Currency Requirement

      Last Action Date


      Within last 5 years (previously 3 years)



      Within last 3 years



      Within last 5 years (previously 2 years).  Approved by WG 2019-01-14 but delayed approval by TSC on 2022-04-18, with decision to leave validity date as 2019-01-14.


      3-y Plan

      Optional (previously within last 3 years)


  2. The WG reviewed its WG "health" and project ballot health metrics.  The WG received no demerits for its "health" for the current cycle and received a gold star.  The project health report card is red because 1 of 2 projects (unclear if this refers to Arden Syntax v3.0 which definitely is behind schedule but which finally balloted in the current cycle or the CDS Big Picture IG which was behind schedule but regarding which the WG extended the project milestones at the Baltimore WGM) is > 120 days behind its milestones, but all other indicators are green/acceptable.  The project ballot health metrics suggests, by indicating that the next milestone is "2021 Sept," that the issue is that milestones for the CDS Big Picture IG have not been updated.
    1. The WG discussed at the Baltimore WGM in 9/2022, given its focus on Arden v3 and with insufficient resources to pursue the CDS Big Picture IG at the moment, updating the milestones for Project Insight number 1175 = CDS Big Picture Implementation Guide, the current PMO milestones being ballot in the 9/2021 ballot cycle with a project end date of 1/2022.  The WG agreed then by consensus to extend these deadlines to a proposed ballot of 1/2024 and a project end date of 5/2024.  Moved Jenders, second Haug, vote 4/0/0.  The PMO was notified then, but the ballot health metric indicating that this project is behind schedule is unchanged.
      1. Action item:  Notify HL7 staff and PMO of new project milestone dates in order to correct the project ballot health document (Jenders).
  3. The WG reviewed important deadlines during the coming cycle to agree a schedule for conference calls.
    1. HL7 deadlines
      1. 2023-02-03:  Baltimore Henderson WGM minutes posted.
      2. 2023-02-19:  NIB for May, 2023 WGM (New Orleans).
      3. 2023-03-12:  Reconciliation deadline.
      4. 2023-03-26:  Final ballot content deadline.
      5. 2023-03-31:  Ballot opens (concludes 2023-05-01).
      6. 2023-04-08:  May WGM agenda posted.
      7. 2023-05-08:  May WGM opens (next Arden Syntax WGM meeting). 
    2. Agreed WG conference calls (Tuesday at 1100 HL7 time):  2023-01-24 (continue ballot reconciliation), 2023-01-31 (continue ballot reconciliation - agreed to change to change to 2023-02-07), 2023-03-21 (potential conflict with OMG meeting), and 2023-04-25...
      1. Action item:  Set up the conference calls (Jenders).  
  4. Arden Syntax v3.0
    1. Passed (76.9% of affirmative + negative votes were affirmative, exceeding the 60% threshold) in the current cycle as an STU ballot:  




      Total Pool


      (N/A for STU ballot)

      Affirmative needed

      to Approve


    2. The WG performed reconciliation regarding the negative votes and all comments, recording responses in Jira.

      HL7 GOM 14.02.03:  The process of consideration of the comments is not as complete or rigorous as normative reconciliation. There is no requirement to resolve negative comments and seek withdrawal of the negative. Nevertheless, the responsible Work Group is expected to annotate each negative comment on the reconciliation report with a disposition of “Persuasive”, “Not Persuasive”, “Considered for Future Use”, or “Not Related” with a recorded vote and an explanation for the Work Group’s decision in accordance with the Work Group’s Decision-making Practices (DMP) to maintain transparency on decisions made. A negative ballot withdrawn at the request of the submitter shall be recorded as an affirmative.  The issue of substantive change shall not be applicable to a STU. In the instance of an approved STU with substantive change resulting from review, it is left to the discretion of the responsible Work Group to either submit to another review ballot or move forward with a request to the TSC to release the revised content as a standard for trial use

      and changes directly in the ballot document.

      1. Issue OTHER-2660:  Technical correction, persuasive, not a substantive change, vote 4/0/0.
      2. Issue OTHER-2661:  Technical correction, persuasive, not a substantive change, vote 4/0/0.
      3. Issue OTHER-2662:  Discussed, deferred reconciliation to follow-on conference call.  The WG did not think that there would be a requirement to retrieve data elements by its address or unique identifier, as this would be handled by the underlying implementation.
      4. Issue OTHER-2663:  Technical correction, persuasive, not a substantive change, vote 4/0/0.
      5. Issue OTHER-2664:  Technical correction (misspellings), persuasive, not a substantive change, vote 4/0/0.
      6. Non-ballot issue:  Section 12.7.6 Patient.  Incomplete sentence.  Deferred to follow-on conference call regarding what the missing text should be.
      7. Issue OTHER-2667:  Technical correction, persuasive, not a substantive change, vote 4/0/0.  Need to unify the example to use a ICD10 code consistently.
  5. Next Meeting:  Conference call 2023-01-24 at 1100 HL7 time.  Ballot reconciliation will be completed then.