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2023-01-12 HSSWG Agenda/Minutes

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Projects and Relevant Topics

Ken Lord 

  • Mohammad suggested that we look at the comments on the PSS to clarify the scope and also anticipated technical work.
  • Ken: changing the title of the project to something more specific about the intention of the project was an idea by Brian that the project team accepted. Will revise the title.
  • Ken: Michelle's comment on legal and regulatory implications of using the term 'patient'
  • Greg commented on the importance of 'relationships' and the concepts of household and community.
  • Teresa: n the field, social and legal relationships include family, household, chosen family, related persons (mother/newborn), caregivers, guardian, and custodian. Person roles: patient, client, subscriber, beneficiary, member, resident, consumer, participant, employee, enrollee, recipient, grantee, et al.
  • Ken: a recommendation for creating a domain-analysis model as part of the scope of the IG.
  • Rita asked about an analysis of the biggest supporters and dissenters in presenting the project.
  • Ken: most subject matter experts support the project.
  • Ken Salyard: the FHIR model seems to be centered around Patient.
  • Mohammad: the view of the technical people is that the Patient is just a label and the scope encompasses the other roles a person can take. We need to propose specific example of the kind of technical artifacts that the project wants to propose and the specific problems they are intended to solve.
  • Brian recommends getting into a list of technical requirements based off a use cases analysis.
  • Courtney: the current model is not aligned with social services use cases and analyzing these use cases will shine a light on how the current model is falling short.
  • Chris: Need to addressing Lloyd's comment.
  • Chris: We need to seek advice on the process whether we can modify the proposal while it's being reviewed.
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Next HSS WG public call: February 16, 2023