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  1. Review and annotate with comments unresolved JIRA tickets relating to Device and DeviceDefinition resources
  2. Clusters to consider
    1. Settings
      1. Lots of possible patterns for handling
        1. Steven Chu - Device resource does not support settings Q: is this the place to solve it
    2. Consistency between Device and DeviceDefinition
      1. Where valuable and where not so much so; classes and instances do not in general have the same use cases

  3. Device associations - consultations - merge results of meetings during WGM

  4. HL7 WGM in Nevada next week
    1. DEV: Agenda: 2023-January 16 thru 20 - HL7 DEVICES & IEEE 11073 Joint Working Group Meetings

    2. OO Agenda:  OO WGM 202301 - Agenda

    3. No regular Monday 9 ET and Wednesday 9 ET meetings next week


Stefan Karl, John Garguilo, Martin Rosner, Elliot Silver, Tom Kowalczyk, Marti Velesiz

Meeting Notes

  • Elliot SIlver points out that there are ca. 50 unresolved tracker items relate to Device and DeviceDefinition
  • Discussion of strategy for getting as many issues done before late February for R5 milestone, in particular setting up WGM for best productivity. OO expects to "workshop" issues and propose resolutions in joint sessions with other interested WGs
  • Marti requests that DeviceMetrics items get more attention - it is a DEV WG responsibility