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Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items

PH Stream in ZulipDavid with MITRE

The Public Health FHIR Implementation Collaborative (PHFIC), a CDC sponsored data exchange pilot between states and local jurisdictions, will be adding a stream to Zulip.

  • 4 options were discussed on how to set up the stream
  • Further discussion will take place on the January 26th PH work group meeting

Immunization Resource FMM (update)

Craig Newman
  • Follow up from Tues. Q4 Immunization Roundtable
    • During Tuesday's meeting it was determined the Immunization resource was at level 4 maturity because the total number of implementations were not known. 
    • Since then, John Stamm did research finding there have been many implementations in other countries making the eligibility to raise the maturity level to a   5.
    • Craig will write up the justification and bring it back to the WG for a vote.

Facilitator Assignments

  • Facilitators for the WG have been removed from the website
  • Next steps:  Confirm with HQ facilitators for a WG are no longer needed but needed at the project level

Mission and Charter
  • PH WG mission and charter was updated at the September WGM
  • Next steps:  send Anne the updates to incorporate on the HL7 website

Co-chair project proposal assignments

  • Laura Rappleye will monitor the project proposals
  • Proposal 2153 to enhance the FHIR Standard for situations where the individual and their important social relationships are best, and sometimes required, to be expressed using a Person-Centric View for FHIR will be reviewed at the January 26th PH WG meeting.

Schedule for conference calls for next period

  • The schedule will remain the same:  every Thursday at 4:00 EST

Draft agenda for next WGM 

  • The concept of a WGM plus for the next WGM was introduced at the co-chair dinner.
  • The purpose is to get more implementer involvement
  • More info to follow with information on scheduling rooms

New Business
  • Need to discuss long-term project maintenance of projects that lose funding or resources i.e. syndromic and VCI.
  • Added to the Feb. 2nd PH WG agenda

Action items