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Ken Rubin (US VA) presenting "New Year, New Opportunities". Ken is opening up for more communication with the International society. 

2023-01 International Council Presentation - Rubin FINAL.pptx

Regional presentation:

Presentation from Catherine Chronaki on HL7 Europe - 20230115-HL7Europe-update-to-IC-v1.pptx


Presentation HL7 Asia, Michio Kimura. Updates from the different active countries, and update from HL7 Asia meeting. HL7 Korea to host meeting this year.

Presentation HL7 Middel Middle East, Paul Knapp. Updates from Middel Middle East

Thursday - Q3 is empty - maybe move Q4 to Q3 and then cancel Q4.


Introduction with Ron. 17 (18 from Q2) Affiliate present (in-person, proxy or Virtual)

Michael van Campen came to present the Vulcan Accelerator project - first Vulcan event in Paris - Connecthathon 1 day and 2 day conference. Vulcan is looking into expanding into other regions, like Asia. 


A two pager presentation was given to the participants in the room.

The Q4 on Thursday will be moved into Q3 due to lack of items on the agenda. Q4   Q4 will be cancelled.

Ed Hammond - regional report North America. Addressing the data problem.

Addressing the data problems.pptx

Ron -slides will be added


Ron Parker presents the updates from the work on Affiliate Agreement. Some comment on the section on the FHIR Community Process, as this process is still not completed.

2023 Jan WGM Thursday AM Affiliate Agreement Update.pptx

Date: 19 January 2023

Quarter: Q2


Feedback from Isobel - Having HL7 FHIR as a 


Feedback from the Affiliates on the support that IC has been given indicates that we need more structure around our financial support.