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Stefan Karl, Joseph Quinn, Elliot Silver, Martin Rosner, Tom Kowalczyk, John Garguilo, John Rhoads (notes)

Meeting Notes

  • Check-ins: we are all returning from good vacation breaks from our professional society activities, and therefore we didn't find that we had a lot to report. We will all be picking up threads, particularly with Orders and Observations activities, and will no doubt have more action items in the next meeting
  • We looked at page from 2022-12-14 Wednesday DEV WG and DoF Agenda and Minutes and our votes concerning (see that page for details of votes and rationales)
    • DeviceDefinition.hasPart and Device.parent (because of major differences in use, to keep them distinct and limit text changes to ones that add clarity for implementers and users),
    • Rather than move content from DeviceMetrics into for the superordinate containing Device (for example, the Channel Device for point-of-care-devices following IEEE 11073-10201 Domain Information Model standard). We regarded adding DeviceMetric details into additional data items idea as having quite significant practical usage deficits in complex instruments where hundreds of DeviceMetric-equivalent data structures could need to be "hung off" the "property" field in such a device, potentially involving a lot of code infelicities and redundant FHIR searches.
  • John Garguilo, the DEV WG cochair in charge of HL7 Working Group Meeting agenda and records (thank you, John!), asks us:
    • Please contribute topics to the top of the 2023 January draft agenda page, so that they can be assigned a time and moved to the appropriate place in the agenda.
    • Please review the draft meeting notes from the September WGM and be prepared to vote on them in the upcoming January meeting
    • He tells us that there is a joint OO meeting with DEV (among other WGs) in Q1 on Thursday