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Comment: Updated date for Terminology issues, June 22, 2023


TopicIssues SpreadsheetDetails
Jan 30, 2023Set the stage for Ballot Reconciliation

All Issues - 2023 01 30

  • Initial spreadsheet (2023 01 30) contains all issues 
  • The spreadsheet can be filtered by each column heading
  • Applied Groupings (Cols. A&B) so 'like' issues can be reviewed as a group to ensure compatibility
Feb 6, 2023

Issues Review & Disposition

  • Overview - Assumptions and Process
  • Review issues list - Affirmative Technical Corrections-Persuasive 
Issues - 2023 02 06
  • This spreadsheet sent to the listserv includes all issues filtered to review Affirmative Technical Corrections where proposed disposition is Persuasive
  • 2 additional issues submitted after the ballot closed, bringing total issues to reconcile to 56. This spreadsheet filters can be adjusted to reveal all open issues.
Feb 13, 2023Issues Review & DispositionIssues - 2023 02 13
  • Worksheet containing list of issues to be reviewed/voted on Monday, 2/13/23 (Issues ready for review 2/13/23).
  • Added additional issues for review; FHIR-39885 (Gay Dolin) who cannot attend the call but has approved the proposed disposition for all her submitted issues; also added Issue-40049 which was was reopened following the 2/6/23 by changing it from a Technical Correction to Change Request for additional discussion and approval.
March 6, 2023Use Cases

Agenda & Issues 2023 03 06

Use Case Related

(G. Bloom)

Other Issues

  • Gain agreement on the scope for use cases supported by this IG (FHIR-40060)
    • Help revise use case section so it describes ways in which the IG fits or supports other FHIR Implementation Guides where those use cases include the ability to incorporate a search of community-based services directories within their workflows.
  • Gain agreement on what to explicitly declare Out-Of-Scope for STU 1 (FHIR-40062)
March 13, 2023

Issue Type change to FHIR-39885


Search Parameters/Capability Statement

Agenda & Issues 2023 03 13

  • FHIR-39885 Search Parameter tables contains links to examples not capability statements to address Issue Type change made at the 2/13 BR. This issue is tied to a Negative vote
    • Jira allowed the issue type originally submitted as a Change Request to changed to Technical Correction per guidance from HSS co-chair

    • Jira doesn't allow further updates (Error message: Issue Type can't have been changed to anything other than Change Request if issue had been negative voted) despite allowing the Issue Type for an issue associated with a negative vote to be updated to a Technical Correction
  • Review CI-Build for changes applied
    • Affirmative Technical Corrections

  • Review/Vote Issues pertaining to Search Parameters and CapabililtyStatement  - focus for today

THURSDAY - March 16, 2023

These issues will be reviewed the Thursday HSS Bi-Weekly Public Call @ 3:00 PM Eastern

instead of the regular Monday weekly BR call.

HL7 Conference Call Zoom Meeting Link:

Alignment to other FHIR specifications
    • Review Scope
    • Address alignment between Human Services Directories and other FHIR IGs (negative and affirmative issues)
      • Negatives submitted by Oracle/Cerner (Hans Buitendijk - In Person Request, Frank Oemig), Bob Dieterle
    • Alignment related to vocabulary: code system(s)/value sets associated with services represented in standardized Human Services Directories
    • Reach agreement: naming convention to be used in the Human Services Directories IG
    • FHIR-40040 Aligning Contacts with HSDS
      • Proposed disposition - Consider for future use (future version)
    • Is there need to define additional out-of-scope capabilities for STU 1 in the Use Case section based on revised scope (above) and outcome of today's discussion and/or identify potential features to include in scope for STU 2?
    • Develop with agreeable verbiage to describe relationship between the Human Services Directories IG, the FAST and Gravity specifications
    • Add to Section 1.4 Relation to US Core and Other IGs
THURSDAY - March 23, 2023Alignment/Naming Convention continued from March 16, 2023

Agenda & Issues 2023 03 23

Resolve - Duplicate issues (FHIR-39849) – voted on 2/13/23

Rescheduled/additional issues

  • Review Issues - Proposed Dispositions/Resolutions review  - outstanding from 3/16/23

  • Narrative content discussion continued from last week: terms-of-art, clarification of scope and content of human services directories, relationship to other related FHIR IGs

March 27, 2023Continue Issues scheduled for 3/23/23

Agenda & Issues 2023 03 27

  • Review Issues - Proposed Dispositions/Resolutions review  - rescheduled from 3/23/23
April 3, 2023Meeting cancelled

April 10, 2023Continue reviewing outstanding issues

Agenda & Issues 2023 04 10

Hans Buitendijk

Saul Kravitz

Chirag Bhatt

  • Announcement: Monday, April 17th meeting cancelled

  • Outstanding issues review & vote

April 17, 2023 & April 24, 2023Meetings cancelled 

May 1. 2023Outstanding issues (other than Terminology-related

Agenda: Outstanding issues

Hans Buitendijk

Gay Dolin


  • Outstanding issues review & vote
  • Schedule Terminology Issues meeting with co-chairs
May 8, 15, 22, 2023Meetings cancelled until after the May WGM & Terminology Issues 5/25 meeting 

Thursday, June 822, 2023

HSS WG Biweekly Mtg

(postponed from 5/25)

Zoom Meeting Link:

Terminology Issues

Agenda: Terminology Jira Issues - Discussion & Vote on Issues during HSS WG Biweekly Public Call