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Short Description

FHIR Permission development, evaluation, and testing

Long Description

Given that there is an identified need for a FHIR Permission, and discussion from a number of parties that have developed something similar in function; looking to evaluate the existing Permission prototype, identify use-cases, priortize use-cases, and work on developing examples and narrative.


Test the design of the Permission resource

Related Tracks?

Consent, AuditEvent, Smart-on-FHIR

Call for participants

FHIR Server platform vendors, Reference implementations, and Organizations hosting and consuming FHIR data.

Track Prerequisites


Track Lead(s)

John Moehrke

Track Lead Email(s)

Specification Information

FHIR Permission

Zulip stream

Track Kick off Call

November 23, 2022

Testing Scenario:

System roles:

Permission Author

Recipient of Permission constraint/obligation to enforce

Access Control Decision Point

Consent Management


TBD based on use-cases

Security and Privacy Considerations: