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Danny Wise, Nathan Bunker, Noam Arzt, Craig NewmanEric Larson, Kevin Snow, Roua El Kalach, Mike Berry, Danny Wise, Eric Larson, Stein EsserFikru Mekonnen, Heather Patrick, Alex WoodwardJohn Stamm, Craig Newman, Grey Faulkenberry

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  • Helios Bulk Data Connectathon - January 2023 Henderson NV Update
Future of Immunization Standards

No updates this week

FHIR R5 comments

No further update

See updated comments on

Need more information from the original commenter. Craig will ping again to see if we can get additional information. 


Converting ImmunizationRecommendation to ImmunizationRequest

Any further discussion on this? 

Nathan has started a visualization of the interaction between resources. Can share today for feedback/discussion. 

Need to get this on a future CDS call. Get Bryn on the call as well. May need to document the movement from ImmunizationRecommendation to MedicationRequest. Need to present a visualization to CDS, and eventually a written recommendation. Need to show how the resources fit together and interact with other concepts. There is a clinical reasoning module, maybe we need an immunization module that talks about how these things go together. 

Nathan will put changes in presentation and visualization and send to Craig for sharing with other groups such as Pharmacy and CDS. 

Based on last conversation and further thoughts, Nathan updated diagram on 12/09:

Smart Health LinksTechnical meetings are winding down, now waiting for implementers to make progress. Maybe one more call after Thanksgiving and there is no agenda. Only seeing what is going to happen. 
Inventory Management

Any further discussion on this? 

Discussion about what level of effort the community is going to do in this. Great potential with this project, but a lot of effort. 

Another product offering for scheduling, coming out in the next week. Not sure how FHIR might fit into that. 

Community Feedback on Master Provider Data Project

Presenter: Roua El Kalach

(approx. 20 mins)

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Actively trying to lay all the data sets on top of each other. So that the unique providers can be matched between the data sets. 

What do you consider who is a provider? Any provider who could be getting vaccinations from state and federal allocations. What about providers who give private vaccinations? Probably not, but we want their data. How much of this is routine and how much is covid-based? This is for all vaccines. Covid gave us additional data. Leveraging all data sets. 

The challenge in many states is whether to issue PINS to each store front or to the whole pharmacy as a company? (CVX, Walgreens, or each store?) States have gone one way and then the other. Pharmacy can have a federal and a state pin. Different PINS where used for different purposes. This is a very tricky problem. Having the same problem with NPI's. Some physicians can have 3 NPIs! 

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Sometimes we can match, strongly or weakly. 

(Diagram showing Supply Chain and Administration flows of data. Diagram for official use - do no distribute)

We want to create a CDC Standard Master file, essentially a crosswalk that we share with everybody. Trying to create this for our providers. 

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New CDC assigned ID will not replace current pins. This will standardized the information. 

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What if we publish a crosswalk of provider data? 

  • How do we enforce, require that ensure that everyone has one of these ids? During Covid we had organizations that we had never heard of giving vaccinations. 
  • Back to pharmacy example, what if they have a state pin, and a federal pin for Covid vaccinations. How do you know these two pharmacies are the same? Who is going to determine that these entities are the same? Started with the ones that match 100%. Will eventually require the actual entity to clarify. For many stores that enrolled for Covid, started adding the state pin in the HPOP. This is helping us to identifying the link. 
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