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Conversation around subIGs strategy, following Eric putting more -update description in the spec:

  • How about we call the FHIRcast spec the "base spec" and instruct/encourage the creation of use-case specific subIGs
    • IHE creates the collaborative report creation via content sharing IG
    • We then would need to create the simple "SMART app gets context sync" use-case
  • What guidance to give for when to create a subIG?
    • subIGs have FHIR profiles, base doesn't?
  • Could we put FHIRcast into base FHIR?
    • base FHIR is updated less frequently (iav: really, is that actually true?)
    • Perhaps R6 is the last big udpate?


Bas' PR: Pull requests · HL7/fhircast-docs (

  • request context change at hub.url, not hub.url/topic
  • dxreport-select should use same key:value pattern as every other event

Bump mkdocs from 1.0.4 to 1.2.3 by dependabot[bot] · Pull Request #373 · HL7/fhircast-docs (

  • Bas, is there a reason not to close this PR, and delete the branch?

Eric's Update to WebSub Terminology by EricOnFHIR · Pull Request #450 · HL7/fhircast-docs (


 Next agenda:

  • Call on Nov 22 is canceled!
  • US Thanksgiving Jira bash on Nov 22, and 23.
    • Bas, Isaac, Eric, Alex!

 Adjourned at