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    • Previously, Jimmy reported that there is a discussion about setting up a "formal" HL7 project and that Pharmacy WG will be informed and included in these discussions.  The project does NOT exist at this time. 
    • Jose:  IHE has a project in discussion for medication records, which includes medication list.  No formal materials or web site yet.
      • Jimmy is preparing project scope statement for a September sign off in time for a Connectathon in May
      • Prototype is being worked on by vendor for demonstration which will then be used to develop the IG
      • Jose: currently working on a national project which has some crossover. To catch up with Jimmy and discuss potential synergies
      • Shelley also indicated the NCPDP group are working on a global med reconicilation  med reconciliation project that may be of interest

NCPDP Updates (NCPDP Members)


  • Scott is working on adding in the last of the updates.  Expect to be completed by end of November.

Pharmacy Templates

Specialty Medication Enrolment IG

  • Frank has provided proposed date/time for 4 reconciliation calls to be held for the Speciality Medication Enrollment STU2 ballot
    • Thurs Dec 1 at 12 ET
    • Thurs Dec 15
    • Thurs Dec 22 (If required)
  • Will send out information to commentors including overview of the issues to be discussed and proposed resolutions prior to calls.

Trackers - link to pharmacy unresolved Jira trackers (see trackers for details / resolutions)

  • FHIR-38852: Motion: Jose Costa Teixeira / Danielle Bancroft - passed 10-0-0
  • FHIR-38825: to be fixed 
  • FHIR-38662: Jean will raise a discussion on Zulip on how best to reference knowledge elements from a Medication resource.
  • FHIR-38690: Motion: Jose Costa Teixeira/ John Hatem - passed 9-0-0
    • We will change MedicationUsage.partOf to be Reference(Procedure|MedicationUsage) to allow for the provided use case.
  • FHIR-38710: Motion: John Hatem/ Danielle Bancroft - passed 9-0-0
    • We will add Timing as a choice on MedicationAdministration.occurrence[x] and MedicationUsage.effective[x] to match the workflow Event pattern.
  • FHIR-38873: Will be updated
  • FHIR-38874: To be discussed for further clarification
  • FHIR-38875: Duplicate 38952 (technical correction to be fixed as part of 38952)
  • FHIR-38958: Motion: John Hatem / Danielle Bancroft - passed 8-0-0. Will update spec 

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