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Comment: Clarify relationship with package-list.json

An IG Publication request is a file named publication-request.json which contains the information required to release a new implementation guide to a web site. One of those must be created for each new publication - whether draft, ballot, milestone etc - published by the IG publisher to an automatically maintained website. 

The publication request json file is found at the root of the IG GitHub repository, and looks like this:

  "package-id" : "{pid}}",
  "version" : "{version to release}",
  "path" : "{path}",
"milestone" : true | false,
"status" : "release", "sequence" : "Releases", "desc" : "{desc of release} (optional)", "descmd" : "{markdown desc of release} (optional)", "changes" : "{relative link to description of changes} (optional)", "title" : "{title} (only for first release)",
"ci-build" : "{link to ci-build location} (only for first release)",  "category" : "{category} (only for first release)", "introduction" : "{intro} (only for first release)" }


The full list of changes can be quite long, so you can also - or alternatively - provide a relative reference into the IG itself (e.g. changes-list.html#{version}) where more information can be found

Note: publication-request.json supercedes package-list.json, and you can delete the latter once you've migrated to using a publication-request.json file.