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  • one hoped-for benefit of automated device data gathering is that it may make the application of artificial intelligence and inference to more complete and useful documentation with less manual entry (example: using the knowledge of the contents of a kit prepared for a surgery to infer what particular instance of a type of equipment was used, given the procedural steps recorded, with manual entry needed only of when there are exceptions to expectations).
  • there was discussion of what approach should be taken on choice of terminology systems: how does the value of the record depend on degree of precoordination, underlying ontology, so on.


DEV WG Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Also see, for future discussion, DEV WG Mission, Charter


Martin Hurrell said that Professor Alan Rector (University of Manchester, emeritus) might be available to be asked questions on on medical ontology. Martin was asked to, in consultation with Marti Velezis Todd Cooper, and others interested, to schedule and lead a discussion in this meeting series of what questions the group would like to ask.