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  • cleanup ongoing for updating the vote record in Jira with the ballot desktop activity notation when a voter withdrew a negative on the ballot desktop
    • queries on withdrawal confirmation emails sent by the ballot desktop for ballots voting in Jira; if the ballot desktop sent the withdrawal confirmation I am validating that the withdrawal did not occur in Jira.
  • voter withdrawal on desktop cannot be updated in Jira if the issue has not been dispositioned; many votes outstanding


Starting in January 2022, all ballots except Reaffirmation and Withdrawal Ballots will be done using Jira Balloting.  (see Jira Ballot Process), also noted as "Starting in January 2022, all ballot voting except Reaffirmation and Withdrawal Ballots will be done using Jira Balloting. For more information please refer to the Confluence page on Jira Ballot Process" from Balloting landing page at

2021 October Co-Chair webinar re: Ballot reconciliation activities for 2021SEP:

    • All ballot reconciliation for the September cycle MUST be done in Jira : All specifications have been added to the appropriate Jira Specification Feedback Project

    • For specifications included in Jira Balloting Pilot: All ballot comments will be in Jira – either directly entered or by commenter importing comment spreadsheet

    • For specifications not included in Jira Balloting Pilot: All ballot comments must be imported into Jira by the Project Team or Work Group

    • As a result of issues with the September Ballot Cycle, some changes are being made for FHIR IGs includes in the January Ballot
      • November 3, 2021 – FHIR IG Developer Webinar - ØWill be reviewing timelines, CI build process, Jira Spec File Updates to Github

      • All developers for FHIR IGs in the January cycle must attend the webinar or your IG will not be allowed to go to ballot!

      • If your Work Group has a FHIR IG going to ballot in January, make sure the developer is aware of this requirement

September 2021: pilot #3, all FHIR specs balloting in Jira and volunteers for other spec families

(Melva email 7/7/2021) Also a reminder that if you choose not to participate in the Jira Balloting Pilot:

May 2021: Melva email 4/21/2021  for Piloting the use of Jira for voting and commenting on 5 specifications included in the May 2021 Ballot Cycle:

  • HL7 FHIR® IG: SMART Application Launch Framework, Release 2
  • HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Bulk Data, Release 2
  • HL7 FHIR® R5
  • HL7 Logical Model: Standardized Terminology Knowledgebase, Release 1
  • HL7/NCPDP Informative Document: Standardized Medication Profile, Release 1

You will create and vote on issues in the Jira Specification Project appropriate for the specification and NOT in the Ballot Desktop.  For FHIR Implementation Guides, use and for the other two specifications, use

You can find more information in the “How to Guide for Balloting using Jira” 

We also encourage you to review watch the recorded webinar “Jira Balloting – Navigating the process” in preparation for balloting.  

2021Jan cycle: FHIR IGs using Jira

11/17/2019: Lloyd email Jira for FHIR tracker items is live!

The use of gForge for FHIR tracker items has now come to a close.  The very first tracker item was raised on January 19, 2014.  In the almost 6 years since then, the community has submitted 18,534 requests for change - either as part of ballot (8440) or as unsolicited change requests (over 10,000).

All of these tracker items - and their associated balloting information - have now been successfully migrated to gForge.  Redirects in the FHIR specifications should now direct users to gForge rather than Jira.

All issue identifiers have been retained, though they are now prefixed with 'FHIR-".  For example, our very first issue, which was located at is now located at  (See how much better Jira is? :>)

Redirects in the core spec and in have already been changed to the new platform, though IGs that were published using older templates may still end up directing to gForge.  

As has previously been mentioned, there are a set of starter videos on Confluence (  As well there's detailed documentation on the use of the feedback trackers here:

If you run into any questions/issues, you can raise them on the Jira/Confluence stream.  (If you're not on yet, consider this your excuse for signing up, though if need be, you can also send me an email.

Note that the balloting function is not fully functional yet.  For now, focus on using Jira just to submit and manage tracker items.  Adding additional projects to support CDA, V2 and other product families is on the agenda for the new year.