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Melva Peters (Chair)x
Chuck Meyerx
Jean Duteaux
Hans BuitendijkRegrets
Nancy Orvis
Peter Jordanx
Robert Stegwee
Ed Hammond
Karen van Hentenryckx
Virginia Lorenzi


  • Revision Cycle 2105 - Peer Review Comments
  • RC2109
  • Next Meeting


  • Revision Cycle 2105 – Peer Review Comments
    • GCR 159 resulting in a recommendation being made to the TSC re: the DMP

      • change to DMP recommended - will follow up with Karen
    • GCR 171 resulting an issue for RC2109

      • revisions stand
      • have created a new issue
    • GCR 175 resulting in change to wording per TSC

    • GCR 181 resulting in change to wording per TSC and submission for legal review.  Recommend deferral

      • GOC agrees to deferral pending legal review
      • Chuck to update Jira issue with proposed wording based on Word document version
    • GCR 288 defer implementation to RC2109 update per TSC

      • will go to EC for approval
    • GCR 290 resulting in change to wording

    • GCR 296 withdrawn

    • GCR 309 resulting in change of wording per TSC

  • Next steps for RC2105
    • Chuck to prepare a package and motion to EC for approval of proposed revisions
    • Next EC meeting - August 30th
  • RC2109
    • have started to capture new issues
  • Next meeting
    • September 24th - 11am Eastern - Q2
      • Melva will look at changing to a different time - maybe Q3 or Q4?