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Wed 2 PM UTC - FHIR Methodology and Data Types Issues


PSS-1801 - Project to increase consistency & quality of FHIR implementation guides

  • Jira
    • Lloyd introduced this PSS and then we discussed what MnM's role should be
    • MnM would be interested in following, but not necessarily as a sponsor
    • MnM would want to know what decisions are being made and provide guidance as needed

V3 Reaffirmation

  • One additional clarification made to decision ratified by MnM on MnM Minutes CC 20201117
    • Instead of "Does the committee intend to keep maintaining this content?" the TSC modified it to "Does the committee have the capability and intend to keep maintaining this content?" (see 2021-05-21 TSC WGM Agenda/Minutes).
  • Wayne is reaching out to ANSI to find out if we will be required to make changes to these standards.
  • Some folks view these standards as building blocks and if they are no longer normative, then any standards based on it can no longer be normative – we need to find out from ANSI if this is the case.
  • ANSI does have a "Stable/Maintenance" (renewed every 10 years), but the language for that status is the same as "Stable" (renewed every 5 years).

Ingredient resource

  • Created by the Biomedical Research and Regulation Work Group
  • Discussion about why Ingredient needs its own resource.  Medication and Substance resources contain basic ingredient representation using BackboneElement.
  • Ingredient would generally not be reusable across products, so if it is not reusable, shouldn't it be included as a data type in the product instead of a resource of its own?
  • Methodology questions to be answered:
    • When is a resource a resource?
    • When is it appropriate to have a "cut-down" version of the resource (ie. dosage in MedicationAdministration doesn't include the full prescribed dosing, but only the administered dose)?

Next Conference Call Series

  • Maintain bi-weekly rhythm
  • Start next Wednesday, June 2, 2021 

Thu 11 AM UTC - Joint w/Vocab and FHIR-I (Vocab hosting)

Thu 2 PM UTC - Joint w/Vocab and FHIR-I (Vocab hosting)