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Melva Peters Jenaker Consulting
Scott RobertsonKaiser Permanente
John HatemIndependent Consultant
Saul KravitzMITRE
Joe Quinn
Maggie BuchingerSurescript
Peter SergentHL7 New Zealand
Sid BhattSigmoid Health
Danielle BancroftFRED IT
Christof GessnerHL7 Germany
Frank McKinneyPOCP

Agenda Items and Notes

Table of Contents


Project Review

Project Proposals

  • Jira
     - no involvement from Pharmacy
  • Jira
     - no involvement from Pharmacy

Project Scope Statements

  • LHS Care Plan DAM - John will participate
    • do not need to be a co-sponsor
    • will need pharmacist involvement when the pharmacist on the care team is being discussedwill review next week to determine if Pharmacy should be involved

Work Group Meeting Planning

  • Prep for May 2021 meeting
    • room requests have been made - Q1 to Q4 Monday to Thursday
      • we may cancel the Q1 sessions
    • Joint Meetings accepted
      • EHR WG - Monday Q3 and Q4 - 1 rep- Mega Report out
      • II - Wed Q4 - 1-2 RepsRadiation Dose Summary for Diagnostic Procedures on FHIR review
      • BR&R - accepted 2 quarters
        • close the loop on the MedicinalProductDefinition and MedicationKnowledge resources -clarification of their use 
        • review of Jean's analysis of mapping of MedicationKnowledge to MedicinalProductDefinition
      • CDS/CQI - Friday
      • Patient Care and Cross Group Projects - MedList Guidance
      • Public Health - vaccination
      • FHIR-I - rep to be sent
      • Patient Care - CareTeam Report out
    • joint meetings - Melva to reach out to groups
      • O&O - Common Product Model - John to raise on Health Care Product meetings
    • Reach out to HTA - new UCUM group - what is the plan for HL7 to be involved?
  •  - no discussion
  •  - no discussion
  •  - no discussion
  •  - Melva to work on the agenda for review next week
    • asked Pharmacy WG members to identify times that might be needed
    • Formulary - update and next steps

Catalog Updates (John Hatem)

  •  - no specific issues for Pharmacy
    • there is an open tracker item - need Jean for the discussion
  •  - no meeting to discuss
  •  - April 9th meeting - working on Catalog trackers, but not specifically related to Pharmacy
  •  - no pharmacy specific topics

Workflow Update (John Hatem)

  •  - no meeting
  •  - no Pharmacy specific content discussed.  Meeting was focused on BPMN related issues
  •  - April 12 meeting - cancelled; will reschedule discussion on Contract issues
  •  - met today; no pharmacy specific topics

Healthcare Product Update (John Hatem)

  •  - no meeting
  •  - very short meeting, discussed updates to Device Definition.  No votes and no Pharmacy specific issues. 
  •  - April 12th meeting - UDI and other tracker items - no Pharmacy specific issues discussed. 
  •  - only issue for us - updates to MedicationUsage to clarify boundaries for Observation and Questionnaire
    • O&O will provide language from DeviceUsage

NCPDP Updates (NCPDP Members)

  • NCPDP Task Group working on Patient Consent - for specialty prescribing
    •  - no updates since last update
    •  - no updates
    •   - no updates
    •  - trying to get more participation from those who are knowledgeable with systems in clinics and EHRs; will inform prescribing process about consents
  • Specialty Medication Enrolment PSS update - Specialty Medications
    •  - completed 
      • ballot reconciliation spreadsheet uploaded and withdrawals requested
      • when team is ready to publish, will complete publication request
    •  - waiting for publication request
    •  - still waiting for publication request - Frank to send
      • include on the agenda for next week
  • Standardized Medication Profile - Standardized Medication Profile Jean Duteau
    •  - need to update front matter with cover sheet
      • need to talk to Lynn to find out what to do about the HL7 logo
      • content is complete - 
      • Motion by Jean Duteau - seconded by Shelly Spiro - approve to go to ballot - 13-0-2 Carried
      • final content must be sent to Lynn by April 11
      • this will be a pilot for Jira Balloting
    •  - Scott reached out to Lynn to get cover page 
      • Melva to follow up with Lynn to see what else was needed
    •  - in the ballot
      • ballot opened on April 16
      • using Jira Balloting
      • review Webinar and attend Q&A
  • MTM - create FHIR IG Scott M. Robertson
    • on hold waiting for MCC eCare Summary to be completed
    •  - on hold 
    •  - looking at what to do with CDA IG and make decision on next steps
  • RealTime Pharmacy Benefit Check for Consumers (Tim McNeil/Frank McKinney)
    •  - NCPDP Task Group
      • Consumer focused - nothing new - identify use cases and requirements - Carin IG - will be looking at this to see if this IG meets requirements
    •  - no updates
    •  - no updates
    •  - meetings underway to gather input from NCPDP Task Group on requirements

NHSN Inpatient Medication Administration Reports (FHIR IG) - Sarah Gaunt

  • Project Update
    •  - approved last week to go to ballot
    •  - no comments
      • ready for ballot
    •  - in the ballot for May
    •  - in the ballot for May

Global Supply Chain Project (Scott)

  •  - did not meet last week
  •  - expected to meet - Jose is leading the work
  •  - no updates
  •  - met last week
    • focusing on using Covid vaccine supply chain as a basis for what they want to do

Medication List guidance project

    • will cancel calls for April 1 and 8
    • John working on document to summarize where we are and what is left to be done
  •  - John working on a summary document
    • have cancelled meeting for this week
    • hope to have summary document for review next week
  •  no update
  •  - no update
    • cancel the call for this week

PDex Formulary

  •  - will have content to review on next weeks call - 3 issues and discussion of next steps for STU update
    • FHIR-30924 - Cost Sharing description
      • not a technical correction
      • See update in Jira
    • FHIR-31672
      • proposing clarification on what should be done - use "NA" -don't believe this is a technical correction
      • come back to this
    • proposed schedule
      • STU update - starting April 26
        • Melva to look at the process for an STU update and let Dave know what needs to be done for approvals

FHIR (Group)

Trackers - link to pharmacy unresolved Jira trackers 


  • None

Next meeting

  • April 26, 2021 at 4pm Eastern
    • Publication Request for Specialty Enrolment
    • Formulary discussion - STU Update

Action Items