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This page serves as the Radiation Therapy Treatment Data meeting home page. To create new meeting notes or view previous weeks' meeting notes, agendas, and action items, visit the pages underneath this home page.

Meeting Summary

DateMeeting NotesAction ItemsRecordingDecision Points



2023-03-15 Quality Measures Full Member Meeting
  •  Anthony → send new (1) CodeX Quality Measures – Terminology Meeting and (2) CodeX Quality Measures - Full Member Meeting (done)
    •  Zoom link + passcode are now included in each invite
  •  Becky M → send new NCQA contact list to Anthony to include in the CodeX QM Outreach spreadsheet
  •  Anthony → formalize Use Case Development Guidelines and share document with CodeX QM Full Member team for one complete pass-through (before a formal submission to CodeX OC and SC members)
  •  Sharon S and Randi → consider submitting a new JIRA ticket to mCODE IG stating that there is strong support and interest in modeling systemic therapy in mCODE
    •  Then the mCODE TRG team would review the JIRA ticket and discuss whether it should be modeled in future work

(1) Quality Measure Modeling Approach:


  1. ASTRO measure: Oncology: Treatment Summary Communication - Radiation Oncology
    1. This is the ASTRO eCQM treatment summary measure – linked here
  2. Performance Status
    1. This is one of the VA measures - linked here


  1. 28 Days from Diagnosis to Any Treatment (#All-B-1) ASPIRATIONAL
    1. This will require modeling “systemic therapy” as a FHIR concept
  2. 14 Days from Simulation to First Radiation Treatment
    1. This will require modeling of “simulation” as a FHIR concept (RT-specific)

(2) Decided not to use CPT codes to define Simulation

  1. CodeX RTTD team is modeling the Simulation concept

(3) A JIRA ticket r/t constraining the value set associated with .medication[x] to only systemic therapies. It will be considered during ballot reconciliation for mCODE STU3.