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Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

  • V2+ Ballot reconciliation
    • Ask Hans Buitendijk to establish the recon calls at 8 AM starting next week
  • Open PSS?
    • Nothing V2 related
    • Don’t think V2 Management group needs to vote on anything that is not V2
  • Other issues?
    • In ADT message where do Medicare and Medicaid numbers go?
    • SOGI page:
      • Created specifications of an OBX for this
      • Will as a stop-gap allow sending in lab messages
      • Dealing with multiple answers in OBX
        • Recently had a decision in LRI that we want to support multiple answers using multiple OBX
        • The answers in the code system should already cover that
        • Frank has more code systems than the gender harmony group as some of the concepts seem to be orthogonal to each other
      • Consent to share this information with Public Health was also mentioned
      • Craig Newman  will create a ticket to request addition of Sexual orientation to eCR specs to deal with handling these concepts in the long run when reporting to PH - will include a pointer to the Gender Harmony Project
v2+ outstanding issues content

Outstanding Issues

  • These should not migrate to V2+, is need to review which we want to migrate into jira tickets and which we can drop
  • Organized by WG
  • Craig Newman will send out to the WG and let them know, whatever is not a jira ticket will be dropped
Substantivity document
  • V2 Tooling site clean up
    • Do we need them for HL7 newbies or are they link to commercial solutions?
    • Australian tool not findable – drop
    • ELR translation tools from PHINTECH – Craig Newman  will ask
    • Global Message Profile – drop
    • HAPI – Craig Newman follow up with James
    • Message Maker – exchange with links to the MIST tool kit
    • Profiling specification – draft of the first Conformance Methodology – remove
    • Messaging Workbench
      • IGAMT precursor
      • Was heavily used, but not sure if this is current
    • HL70396
      • Source of truth should be in UTG, Craig Newman  to ask Ted how to handle:
        • Text with explanation and the link to the correct page (Preferred by this group)
        • Redirect link
      • XML example messages
        • Only has ADT and ORU as examples – combine with the new planned example repository
  • Is this still relevant? Version 2 Substantivity Guide
    • Only the For example statements are V2 specific
    • Last revision was in 2017
    • Most are references from the GOM
    • If there is V2 specific, then we should add it into V2+
    • Or make a confluence page as sibling to Quality Criteria guide
    • Also need to follow up on the QC guide
    • People submitting change requests should understand this – so link from jira to this page (they have to decide if change is substantive vs not)
    • Or should this fit into the Conformance methodology to help folks understand what the changes between different versions may be
    • Decision:
      • Lynn Laakso  will make a confluence page on the V2 Management page and will work with Josh on how jira has a help button explaining what a substantive change is
      • Make the V2 Tools confluence page the source of truth