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    senior living 

  •  specialty pharmacy 
  •  pharmacy clinic (geriatric, CHF, diabetes, etc.)
  •  pharmacogenomics
  •  potentially Part D MTM:  CMR patient take-TMR:  away format specified by CMS.  no consult note requiredno regulatory requirement to communicate output to other clinicians; some?/most?/all? Programs have some type of reporting (similar to a consultation note).  Is this something to include/suggest in the document.

How does information blocking apply?

  • the information must be provided (available) to the patient
  • if appropriately asked (other than patient - payer, clinician, etc.), information must be provided
    • includes routine "search requests" for information that may be available
  • is it "blocking" if the information is not generally released??  If you don't know where to send the information, is it blocking?
  • information can/should/must be provided in a form that addresses USCDI data classes and clinical document types 
  • Do we need to include something about information blocking in our document?
    • not at this time

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