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Todd Cooper  Marti Velezis  Martin Rosner  Andy Iverson  Stefan Karl  Javier Espina    Marti Velezis 


  1. Status Update on PSS-1980 & PSS-2005 
    1. Although the DEV WG approved both PSS's last week to progress to Consensus Review, one other step needed to be completed - a step that was not obvious to both Todd Cooper  & John Rhoads 
    2. John noted approval in the Comments for both PSS'; however, it was not seen that a new "Devices" entry was added to each PSS Sub-Tasks section.  This task required us to "agree" to send the document to Consensus Review and to provide the link for when the WG decision was made (and documented).
    3. With that done, both PSSs have transitioned to "Consensus-Review" workflow state
    4. Closing date for both is  
    5. QUESTION:  Martin asked what if the co-sponsor WG's (who are also called out in the Sub-Tasks section) don't respond by then?  
      1. A Project Proposals & PSS FAQ provides the answer!  (the TSC takes care of it)
      2. This led to the following tutorial from Marti relating how OO kept track of WG-related Proposals and PSSs ...
  2. Tutorial on HL7 WG Tracking of Project & PSS Proposals & Obligations 
    1. Marti provided an overview of how the OO WG keeps track of both project proposals and PSSs that are in its scope of interest ...
      1. OO maintains (manually) OO Project Proposal Triage, which is reviewed each week for any changes
      2. Content for this page is culled from both Project Proposals Home and Project Scope Statement both with appropriate filters to see what is relevant (e.g., "In Review") 
      3. Note that on the PSS page, both the current 2005 & 1980 projects are listed as in "Consensus Review" with the open/close dates and the Sponsoring WG ... pretty sweet 
      4. The "Proposal Triage" page is maintained by one of the co-chairs 
    2. PROPOSAL:  Devices should consider something similar and include it as a standing agenda item.  Note that this would require someone to agree to "own" that agenda topic and prep for the discussions
  3. Review Communicating Devices  
    1. Marti updated the group on a few remaining issues with the "Device Resource Elements" table 
    2. Specific elements of interest included 
      1. "status" and what the PoCD and which of the values (active | inactive | entered-in-error | unknown) should be mapped
      2. identifier / serialNumber- and what to do when the UDI is present; is that sufficient; should serialNumber always be provided; what if both are provided and don't match?!  
    3. There are other topics but given the small group and some key experts who were not able to make the discussion, review will be pushed to next week  
  4. Open "Stale" Jira Issues
    1. Marti indicated that there are a number of "stale" Jira tickets from prior years that should be reviewed and dispositioned by the HL7 DEV WG
    2. For example, 
      1. Jira
          Which is from 2019 (!!!)  
        1. Is the attached XML file still relevant?  Should the change (which was approved) be applied?
        2. ACTION( Martin Rosner  Brian Reinhold  ) Review FHIR-23847 and determine how it should be dispositioned.  
    3. PROPOSAL:  Perform a general review of Jira items that are inactive and have a "device" connection 
  5. May WGM Agenda Review 
    1. Topics for the HL7 DEV May WGM Agenda were reviewed;  proposed updates posted to the Topics section at the top of the page
    2. OO Agenda was also linked 
    3. Final agenda review proposed for next meeting  
  6. Any Other Business
    1. Todd mentioned that the co-chairs recently received a query from Lloyd (now part of Accenture, who bought Gevity) for a potential "activity monitoring" project; of course Martin Rosner was not included in that co-chair communication, arguably being the most familiar of the co-chairs with that topic!  
      1. This may result in a discussion with the DEV WG soon + a new Project Proposal / PSS that could be sponsored by DEV or as a co-sponsor.
      2. ACTION( Todd Cooper ) Add Martin R. to the email thread with Lloyd.